Author/Speaker, Jameel Laboo Uses His Past To Help Our Youth’s Future


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Author/Speaker, Jameel Laboo Uses His Past To Help Our Youth’s Future

Jameel Laboo was born July 13, 1983, in Newark, New Jersey. As the second oldest of his mom’s six kids and the fourth oldest of his fathers’ eight, he struggled to express his feelings without being judged. Growing up under poor conditions was the life he was faced with and he was longing for some relief. Writing poetry was the beginning of his creative journey releasing his feelings. That was up until he heard the late Tupac Shakur. After that, his poetry turned into rap lyrics. 

Becoming more comfortable with his music, he began entering many local showcases, quickly becoming a local celebrity. In every song, you heard his pain and his desire to want more out of life. Sadly, his career took a turn for the worse. Jameel was incarcerated due to engaging in the “street life” activities. His time in prison was short but being in trouble became repetitive. Even going through his trials, his vision was still positive. While others felt they were stuck, he always knew there was a way out. He lived by the motto, “Just because I came from the bottom, doesn’t mean I have to stay there”.

Welcoming the birth of his first child was all the motivation he needed and more. Being raised with his father in and out of prison, Jameel was determined to break that cycle. He ventured off into different businesses, as well as adding acting and writing scripts to his resume. All while still pursuing his music career. Now going by the name “C.h.a.o.s.”  (Creating Happiness After One Suffers), his goal was to change the negative mind state of many who surrounded him.

To become the voice he desires to be, Jameel wrote his first motivational book called “Signs”. Aiming to help kids going through anxiety and depression. Telling his own personal story to gain others’ trust with theirs. Showing them that winning comes from our hearts. Not by luck but by being genuine. Most of all constantly preaching that if we become contagious with good energy, it’ll spread long past our physical existence.  

“My Biggest Fear Is Dying, And No One Benefitted From My Living”…C.H.A.O.S.

How were you able to get your life on track after being incarcerated?

I had to be determined. Find motivation, my purpose to make better choices. When you come from a place where you’re treated like trash. That alone forces you to check yourself.

Can you briefly talk about your own personal experience with anxiety and depression?

Growing up I always questioned why for everything. Why we were poor? Why my father used drugs, and went to prison? Why my mother was always sad? And the list of why’s carried on through life. Often leaving me in a depressed state like will this always be like this. Along the way, I developed the will to change it. Now that adds anxiety. What if it doesn’t work? What if they don’t judge my past? What makes me different from everyone else? To this day I fight that battle. Only because I’m passionate about breaking the cycle. Making a difference in the world.

What is it about this book that you hope kids and parents will be able to pick up on?

Communication & comprehending is important. We have to listen to understand not just to respond. As parents check ourselves to help our kids. As kids, we have to be open to our parents’ perceptions. We have a crowded room of people feeling alone. To bridge that gap we must start talking to each other.

Describe how you have turned your life lessons into a business venture?

All my lessons taught me was to never settle. You want something, go get it. Because if you can go through what I’ve been through. And still, be here you’re strong. That strength can beat any obstacle thrown at me. When I speak to my book and company expectations, I talk with experience and confidence. I give it my all this is my legacy. This is breaking the cycle. Generational wealth that’s 100% legal. I can go around the world helping others. Have my family with me building a structure that will our live me. While getting paid for something that I love to do. Helping people and giving back.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I just want to be happy. Looking back at my trail of hard work. Speaking at sold-out venues helping people to believe in themselves. Multiple programs in my community and other poor ones. That gives everyone a better shot of being more. Pursuing my passion for acting and scriptwriting. Overall just being a major figure to the voiceless.