Kanessa Coerman: Self Confidence is Everything


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Kanessa Coerman Builds A Brand Of Self Confidence

Founder of the Kanessa Brand, Kanessa Coerman is the epitome of strength, confidence, and a woman who overcame her insecurities to become the woman that she is today. Kanessa is a plus-sized woman, who was teased and ridiculed because of her size and how people viewed her when she was younger. She took all the negative energy that was thrown at her and turned it into something positive.

Kanessa felt like plus-sized women should be comfortable in their own skin and decided to create a clothing brand called Kanessa Brand. “I wanted to create something that made everyone feel comfortable. I had a hard time finding leggings or certain clothes that could fit me, so I decided to make my own and I have been getting some great feedback from other individuals that like my sports brand,” said Kanessa.

The Kanessa Brand showcases a sports brand of clothes that fits comfortably and has a stylish effect that a lot of women like. You can wear them to the gym or even out and about. Kanesssa wanted to let other companies know that all sizes matter and you can be creative with your sportswear. She wanted to create something positive for women and let them know that you have to love yourself. “I struggled with that when I was younger, but when I got older, I realized that you have to love you for you and not worry about what others may think.”

Kanessa overcame a lot of obstacles in life but wants the world to know that if you have faith in yourself, have a positive mindset about life, and stay around positive people, you can accomplish anything.

Check out her clothing brand Kanessa Brand.