Raja B. Marhaba & The Jonathan Foundation: Patience Is A Virtue


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Raja B. Marhaba On Helping Children With Disabilities Overcome Obstacles Being Patient In an Impatient Society

Raja B. Marhaba is the President of The Jonathan Foundation For Children with Learning Disabilities and has helped a lot of children that have disabilities overcome obstacles to survive in a less than patient society. The Jonathan Foundation is an organization that helps families with children that have learning disabilities and help them learn how to be educated and live in the world. “One of my greatest joys is watching these children grow and overcome all the adversity that they endure in their lives. Words can not describe the joy I have when I see them excel.”

Faith, kindness, and being humble are all factors that create a person of substance and purpose. For Raja, she did not want fame or money, it was an act of kindness and to help people. She had to fight tooth and nail for her children when they were younger because they had special needs. Raja wanted other parents to know that they were not alone and wanted to create a platform to support them.

In December of 2019, Raja will be recognized as the 2019 Women of Worth Honorees by L’Oreal Paris and she was super excited being an honoree. “It is a blessing and I am just so thankful and honored that they are recognizing me and the foundation. I am just thrilled!”

TUSTIN, CA – MAY 20: Raja Marhaba arrives for The Jonathan Foundation Presents The 2017 Spring Fundraising Event To Benefit Children With Learning Disabilities held at Marconi Automotive Museum on May 20, 2017 in Tustin, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Raja knew what her purpose was when she was younger and the patience that she learned down the road molded her into the woman that she is today. Her faith has kept her spirits high when she was going through tough times in life, but she knew that her faith in God was going to be the key to victory. “You have to understand that everything happens for a reason, a lesson, and how life will shape you if you have patience and purpose.”

“Growing up I was told that patience would be the key to success. After having two children that had special needs, get them into the right schools that could properly teach them, and making sure that my children can grow into the individuals that are today, I had to rely on patience and faith.”