Pernon Dunston, CEO of Golden Life Group LLC


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Pernon Dunston, CEO of Golden Life Group LLC Talks Putting Educating His Community Over Commission

With over years 15 years providing exceptional services to employees and their respective employers. Pernon Dunston is a kind-hearted human being. He cares about his client’s whole life and how they can use their insurance as a catalyst for legacy building, estate planning, and financial security. He believes that through financial empowerment communities of color are better equipped to navigate their own destiny.

George Hill, CEO GNS Industries Inc, and Pernon Dunston at EBK Events LLC annual holiday mixer.

Mr. Dunston’s remarkable story of overcoming the odds has shown an example of extraordinary faith. Having been sent away to military school at a young age; a product of domestic violence and financial responsibility catapulted him to create his own destiny guided by a devoted mother who he recently lost to cancer. Pernon’s remarkable journey has given him newfound meaning and an opportunity to forgive while helping others live a more abundant life through financial empowerment.

Take a listen to my interview with Pernon Dunston about what he does and how it necessary to educate others on finances and life insurance. He has an interesting perspective of financial guidance based on being a black man, his upbringing to building his own business.

Pernon Dunston, CEO of Golden Life Group LLC