The Eight-Year-Old Actor, River Mason Eromosele, Helping Children Learn Spirituality With New Book


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Child Actor River Mason Eromosele Teaches Children To Heal With A Children’s book “The Sky Is The Limit”

Standing at 4 feet 8 inches tall, Nigerian-American 8-year-old actor, model, and author River Mason Eromosele is on a pursuit. The quest is to enlighten and educate adolescents between the ages of 2 to 15 years old with his innovative book “The Sky Is The Limit”. The objection of his book is for the advancement of children to conciliate their chakras through positive affirmations, food, and periodic activities. Now, this is some serious positive teaching for someone his age to be sharing. Let that sink in.

In “The Sky Is The Limit” book River Mason Eromosele teaches children that you can heal trauma for good. The book also educates children on how to become stronger through eating better, activities, and positive affirmations. The book demonstrates that collective activities and meditation are all powerful ways to process for children. In River Mason Eromosele’s book “The Sky Is The Limit”  it simplifies how to heal from the assorted emotions children go through on a daily basis; in merely one week.

As we research and look to partner with local public schools, our kids are facing more and more trauma with issues at home, around them or just seeing on television. They need to be able to cope with situations that happened to them. It is impressive for River to think of helping others in this way. It is a true showing of compassion, thoughtfulness, and leadership. And of course, we must give credit to his mother, Celebrity wardrobe stylist Pilar Scratch. She has clearly been directing her son to a positive light in a not so positive world.

River Mason Eromosele‘s international book “The Sky Is The Limit” is on its way to being a best seller. The eight-year-old famed actor has already sold close to two thousand copies in its debuting week. All-in-all selling 1,868 physical copies and 102 Ebooks of his book through social media platforms. The children’s book is sold and distributed in the retail chains of  Walmart,  Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Amazon. River’s book has been celebrated by vast celebrities sending him their congratulatory memorandum on the success of his new book. The list of celebrities celebrating the release of Rivers’s first children book are: Iheart Radio personality Madison Jaye, Celebrity Stylist to Beyonce Ty Hunter, TV personalities The Von Boozier Twins, Hip Hop icon Rah Digga, celebrity make up artist Nydia Figueroa and YouTuber Ifueko Igbinovia among many others.

With the continued success of “The Sky Is The Limit”  River Mason Eromosele is set to be a positive example for adolescents of all ages. The innovative book sets the bar for children to live their dreams at any age because the sky is truly the limit.

Why did you name your book “Sky is The Limit”? 

The name of the book “The Sky is The Limit” It means there are no limits and that anything is possible. You can achieve anything if you really want to. At your young age, you are acting and I am sure auditioning for roles and just being busy. How do you still have fun even though you are working and staying busy? 

At your young age, you are acting and I am sure auditioning for roles and just being busy. How do you still have fun even though you are working and staying busy? 

Yes! outside of the entertainment industry, it is essential to keep River a normal child. He practices basketball at the local YMCA, takes piano classes, and is studying sign language. River is aware of how rare his career is. Outside of red carpets, press runs, filming and photoshoots he’s a normal eight-year-old.

Why do you want to help other kids like you? 

River wants to help other kids by educating them on their spiritual health. Spirituality has assisted in the manifestation of his successful career. There’s so much power in the law f attraction to educate the masses is admirable; especially children.

What is the most important thing to you about being positive? 

The most important thing to remember about being positive is that when you send positive thoughts activates the world around you. A positive mindset equals positive results. A positive attitude is contagious!

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