Chanda Branch: Empowering a Community


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Ms. Black USA Wants To Impact Her Community and Inspire Change In The Arts

After an emotional ring of honor and a huge accomplishment with being crowned Ms. Black USA Champion, Chanda wanted to bring awareness to equality, funding for blacks in art spaces and making sure that her voice is heard to create change in the community. Chanda spoke about her experience competing in pageants and some of the challenges that she faced.

“It was a beautiful experience competing, I learned a lot about myself with overcoming a lot of things all at once. I was a new mother, had a family, and had to soul search to find who I was,” said Chanda. “I am very thrilled that a lot of people look up to me and it is such an amazing feeling that I can inspire so many people. Representation is critical and necessary.”

Chanda has influenced change and growth with her serving as the Chair of Grants Committee and is the first African American woman to hold the chair. “I work hard each and every day and I wanted change. I am a person that goes after my goals no matter what obstacle is in the way. I am very passionate about the arts and want more diversity to be recognized. Change has to come and it starts with being open with discussions and showcasing actions.”

Chanda has influenced so many women with her journey and a lot of women have asked her how does she stay authentic in a world that is built off of preception and this is what she had to say about it. “You have to honor yourself and understand that you have a purpose to fulfill. You have to stand your ground and be true to yourself. You are worthy to be yourself and not a perception of how others view you.”