Black Fraternities Host Virtual Sessions to Empower Black Men During Pandemic


( ENSPIRE Trending News ) Black Fraternities Introduce Virtual Sessions for Black Men

At the point when it became clear a month ago that the coronavirus was hitting African Americans harder than other racial gatherings, Gerry White, a humanist and a partner educator at Clark Atlanta University, got a handle on that dark men expected to assume a critical job in driving the battle against its spread in their networks.

“We are the protectors of the black family, and we need to be armed with all the information about this new threat to assure we are knowledgeable and our households are safe,” White, who lectures on the power of the black family and manhood, told NBC News. “We know that communication, resources and strength-based approaches to protecting the community are critical in this fight.”

“Black men talking to other black men has the ability to alter our thinking and subsequently our behavior,” forensic psychologist Christopher Bass said. “Despite what society suggests, humans are still more conforming than rebellious.”

With that idea came the introduction of “Chat With the Frat,” an all-male online group made up of individuals from the Atlanta-territory Omicron Phi Lambda section of Alpha Phi Alpha — the principal Greek-letter clique for dark men, established in 1906. The number of COVID-19 cases in black communities is staggering, and the entire point of what they are doing is to suppress those numbers by empowering black men, who, in turn, empower their communities.

The boards of clinical specialists, general wellbeing specialists, therapists and different authorities are individuals from Omicron Phi Lambda. They lead conversations on different parts of COVID-19 and its belongings, sharing data, reports, models, other information and taught assessments. Also, they share, as dark men, their accounts and worries that impact how they approach their lives.