Clothing Designer Offers Customers Option to Donate Portion of Purchase to Organizations Fighting COVID-19


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) Dae K. Shin Gives Customers an Option to Help Fight Against COVID-19

ENSPIRE Contributor: Rosa Linda Fallon

Dae K. Shin, a new fashion company launched last year offering both men’s and women’s denim products, is now providing customers a way to donate to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  The company is giving customers the option to donate 5 percent of their purchases to support organizations working to fight the pandemic such as UNICEF, Feeding America, United Nations Foundation, and the CDC Foundation.  According to a recent press release, the donation ends up being just under $50.00 per product. “We want to support organizations who are able to make the greatest impact,” Creative Consultant Amber Alexandria said. 

Dae K. Shin was founded by Jovan Acree, a former basketball player who spent the early years of his life pursuing a sports career. His passion and drive to play in the NBA motivated him to press on through hardships, including being cut from his college team. Acree went on to the semi-pros and traveled Europe before trying out for the New York Knicks. After being cut from the final round, he finally decided to change directions and pursue a career in the fashion industry.  Acree partnered with a friend who worked in textiles and manufacturing and together, they launched Dae K. Shin.  

Dae K. Shin provides a free lifetime denim repair program on its products, promoting fashion sustainability. (Photo Credit: Dae K. Shin)

The denim is made from custom milled Japanese selvedge stretch fabric which allows the jeans to mold to the consumer’s body, creating the perfect fit and providing unmatched comfort, making them a comfortable option for those working from home.  Dae K. Shin also supports sustainability by offering a free lifetime denim repair program which keeps consumers from overbuying products.

“One of the pillars of the Dae K. Shin brand is sustainability,” Alexandria said.  “In an effort to reduce fashion’s global imprint, Dae K. Shin has implemented a free lifetime repair program which allows customers to send in their damaged denim for repair at no additional costs.” Through this initiative, the company aims to reduce the number of products being sold and consumed and expand the lifetime of purchases, leading to longtime customer loyalty. Alexandria said adding the option for customers to give back during this uncertain time was an important business decision to maintain customer satisfaction.

Dae K. Shin has a variety of men’s and women’s denim products to choose from. Photo Credit: Dae K. Shin)

“We want our customers to feel good about the purchases they are making,” she said. “We appreciate our customer’s loyalty during this time and see the value in coming together as brands to provide opportunities to donate and make a bigger impact against the fight of COVID-19.”