Therapist Lisa Olivera Shares Wisdom Through Writing on Instagram


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Lisa Olivera Reveals Vulnerability in Authentic Messages About Mental Health and Personal Growth

ENSPIRED Contributor: Kyla Yates

Lisa Olivera’s Instagram is full of inspiring and uplifting words and messages exploring the complicated facets of being human. Lisa continually acknowledges that in order to grow, we cannot be constantly fighting for growth, rather, we must also accept ourselves wherever we are presently at. As a practicing therapist in California, Lisa is also honest with her own struggles and limitations, explaining that just because she is a therapist does not mean she has all the answers.

As Lisa explains on her website, she believes “We require less fixing and more accepting – less perfectionism and more good-enough – less criticism and more self-compassion.” Lisa often discusses the gray of things: how nothing is truly black and white, and how we can explore multiple aspects of a single idea.

Stillness can be both terrifying and beautiful. Photo: @lisaoliveratherapy on Instagram

Along with her thought-provoking wisdom, Lisa also provides her followers with questions for them to explore themselves. Lisa always frames her thoughts as things that she is also working on; she never preaches or acts like she is exempt from needing to explore the ideas she addresses within her Instagram posts.

Lisa has also posted eight Instagram TV videos where she often reads letters or messages she has written. Her calming voice and friendly face provide a welcome relief in the often chaotic world of social media.

Photo: Instagram @lisaoliveratherapy

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