GreenRope Founder Lars Helgeson Launched The #GiveBackCRM Initiative


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Lars Helgeson is Leading GreenRope Towards Improving the Operations of NPO’s Across the United States

ENSPIRE Contributor: Tyler Burns

Lars Helgeson, the founder of GreenRope, is giving back in tremendous ways during these tough times. GreenRope has recently launched a program, #GiveBackCRM, that is offered for free to nonprofits registered as 501(c)(3)s. This is an all-in-one software that allows organizations to track their work and connect with clients on one easy to use platform. The CEO and Founder, Lars Helgeson, is opening up this platform to non-profit organizations that qualify by delivering this program for free. The goal of #GiveBackCRM is to assist non-profit organizations that are helping others during this pandemic. This GreenRope program will ideally make everyday operations for these organizations much easier by using it.

Registered 501(c)(3) that are in need of CRM, fundraising tools/systems, and marketing automation will be allowed complete access to this platform through this initiative for zero cost. The goal of Lars Helgeson and GreenRope is to help nonprofit organizations expand their efforts rather than worry about business costs.

Photo: GreenRope Logo

Essentially, the overarching goal of the #GiveBackCRM initiative is to allow nonprofit organizations to gain the tools necessary that will allow them to grow and expand their operations with fewer worries and costs. The initiative will allow NPO’s to:

● Create stronger relationships between donors, volunteers, and sponsors.

● Help strength donation campaigns and improve donor base

● Help create confidence within an organization by delivering personalized, efficient, and relevant experiences to their support base.

Photo: GreenRope’s Website

GreenRope is delivering a great service to nonprofits who need as much assistance as possible throughout these trying times. Lars Helgeson is providing this program that’ll allow nonprofits to work significantly better and more fluently with this better operating system to rely on.

Regular businesses can acquire this program as well but at a cost but if you are a non-profit that is registered as a 501( c )(3) visit for more information about #GiveBackCRM.