Crystal Khalil & Dr. Nicole LaBeach are “The WIN Strategists” Mentors in Business


( ENSPIRE Business ) Crystal and Dr. Nicole Empower Girls and Women Through Masterclasses, Retreats, And International Slumber Party

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Dr. Nicole LaBeach and Crystal Khalil are business partners who motivate girls and women across the world in a unique way. They are known as “The WIN Strategists” and are mentors With 50+ combined years of expertise. LaBeach and Khalil assist women through the ‘Your Ultimate Most Meaningful Yet (YUMMY) moves that unleash individuals’ potential in business and relationships. They empower audiences with business resources to achieve success in leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal lives.

Both women offer reliable resources through Corporate Speaking Engagements, Woman Unlimited Live Masterclasses, The Just Be Retreat, Heart of The Matter Series, and The Sister Diamonds Collective. In 2020 LaBeach and Khalil held The World’s Largest International Slumber Party (ISP), a socially distanced event for women of color to cultivate leadership and divine purpose through discussions.

Dr. Nicole LaBeach

How did you both meet and when did this partnership begin?

We were introduced by a mutual friend in 2019 who felt similarities in our energy and values. At the time, Crystal was the head of Procurement for Porsche Cars North America. Dr. Nicole was the CEO of Volition Enterprises, a premier executive coaching, training, DEI, and organization development firm.

A formal business luncheon quickly became a maskless conversation between two women who overcame and achieved a lot of major feats individually and were still in search of a greater purpose. Beyond they’re initial meeting they continued to cultivate the relationship. In 2020 when Crystal retired from Porsche, Dr. Nicole celebrated her courage to leap with an amazing home-cooked breakfast. Eight hours later, the two were in business together. Volition Enterprises, Inc. and the newly formed Sister Diamonds, LLC focused on helping women unbind and unleash their unlimited potential in business and relationships.  

Where did you get your combined 50 years of business and entrepreneurship experience?

Crystal: With a corporate career in supply chain and Procurement lasting more than 30 years, I always focused on leading with integrity, purpose, and compassion. I loved mentoring my colleagues and providing guidance whenever I could. As a first-generation college graduate, I realized how incredible my leadership position and opportunities were but still felt trapped–I call it my “golden cage.” 

I broke free from and found my purpose to help others live their best life in service, humility, and excellence. In 2019, I wrote an internationally bestselling book, “Hard Workers Work Hard, And Networkers Move Up!,” to inspire others to improve their quality of life and claim the success they desire.

In 2020, I truly felt called to pursue this path to empower others and retired from my corporate job. Now, this passion has become my full-time financial resource and life purpose. Not long after, I met my Wonder Twin Dr. Nicole LaBeach. We joined forces to lead Volition Enterprises, Inc. and we co-founded Sister Diamonds, LLC.

Nicole: As a woman born to immigrant parents, I have always been a champion for the underdog to help individuals discover where they are in their life and professional journey. With a corporate and entrepreneurial career extending more than 25 years, I’ve helped clients seeking healthy and sustainable business and relationship success.

These clients included entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, celebrities, religious leaders, and more. My faith and personal motto, “Life is a Gift. Living is a Choice,” has propelled me to pursue my purpose-driven career as a businesswoman, master coach, and win strategist.

I am a Co-CEO, author, adjunct professor at Spelman College, and former host of OWN Network’s “Put A Ring On It.” Crystal and I inspire each other every day and are intentional about giving back to all the women and individuals who experience our many programs and speaking opportunities. 

Left to Right: Crystal Khalil, Nicole LaBeach

What are some dos and don’t when starting a business?

Some Do’s: 

  • Be clear on your vision. 
  • Be clear on the problem your business solves
  • Be clear on who your ideal custom and target market are 
  • Take the time to write a good business plan
  • Prepare to give your time, talents, and treasure to make it successful
  • Pay your taxes 
  • Be clear on who your competitors are and what differentiates you 
  • Align with other professionals who have knowledge, skills, and abilities to help you grow, save time, and avoid critical start-up mistakes (e.g., accountant)
  • Network, Network, Network
  • Create community with other business owners who can provide resources, mentoring, and collaborative options to grow your business
  • Let your values, character, integrity, quality, and service be your guide
  • Create clear processes and systems to help you scale and provide consistency in your offerings.  

Some Don’ts:

  • Don’t underestimate
    • How much things cost
    • How long your sales cycle may be 
    • How long it may take to move from concept to manifestation if you don’t have staff in beginning
    • Your budgetary needs
    • What can be learned from both your direct and indirect competition – Pay attention to the market and your consumer needs.
    • The marketing dollars and efforts that will be needed to create consistent repeat customers
    • The need for cashflow
    • The need to truly understand your customer journey and what makes your business valuable and a value add to them.
  • Don’t overleverage yourself and your personal assets
  • Don’t marginalize the power of  a team to help manifest the dream – Share with people what you need and let them be a resource to help grow your business
  • Don’t resist customer feedback – Seek it

Tell us what your virtual slumber party was about and how it supported women of color.

  • The International Slumber Party (ISP) is a 501c3 that brings young women of color  (ages 18-34) together to create freedom for themselves. 
  • The virtual worldwide event provides opportunities to learn from trailblazing leaders on navigating their careers; becoming a leader; expanding their networks; and catapulting their personal, professional, entrepreneurial, and relational success. 
  • This fun-filled slumber party is the perfect way for women to spread their wings and surround themselves with other high-achieving women with unlimited potential.
  • This year we’re joining Black in Meta to build ISP 2023 to the Metaverse. The ISP tech accelerator was launched on May 6th 2023 and ISP will take place on November 11, 2023. 
  • The previous ISP events brought together more than 10,000 young women of color from more than 100 countries, especially throughout the continent of Africa. 
  • ISP has been featured on over 2267 media outlets, hosted over 87 speakers and was featured on “Good Morning America”.

What does Volition Enterprises Inc. offer that other companies don’t?

Established in 2001, Volition Enterprises, Inc. is a premier Organizational Development (OD) firm specializing in areas of Executive Coaching, Team Development, Leadership Enablement, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We serve executive leaders, teams, and professionals in Fortune 500’s, growth small/mid-sized businesses, and large non-profit organizations.

Our differentiators include the following:

1) We are a minority and women-owned women-owned firm with 300+ years combined consultant experience

2) Our Partnership Approach: Volition recognizes our clients are the best available experts on their corporate cultures. We will actively partner with you to fully understand your company’s DNA. This ensures our design and execution options align with your unique needs and deliver value that yields significant business results

3) Our Systemic Solutions Approach: In every organization, the single biggest challenge is isolating the pain points and processes that hinder optimal organizational performance and effectiveness. Volition’s OD approaches are evidence-based. We critique and refresh our methods through frequent study and evaluation of best OD practices. Additionally, we seek to consider how our solutions will affect other relevant areas of your company (e.g., Selection, Culture, etc.)

Crystal Khalil

Briefly explain each of your events: The Just Be Retreat, Heart of The Matter Series, and The Sister Diamonds Collective and their benefits and impact

Join Crystal & Dr. Nicole for an up-close and intimate retreat on the breathtaking island of Aruba! Get ready for a transformational, memorable, and fun experience like no other! This EXCLUSIVE TRANSFORMATIONAL experience offers women the opportunity to: disconnect from the chaos of their To-Do Lists, have some much-needed Fun, gain clarity on purpose and re-align for their next best season! It’s an experience for women to unplug and be poured into so they can live from their overflow. 

  • The Sister Diamonds Collective (SDC):

Here’s what we know, it’s so much more difficult, and never as much fun doing it alone. As businesswomen, Crystal and Dr. Nicole achieved amazing things individually but realized that connection and collaboration are the secret to YUMMY (Your ultimate Most Meaningful yet). The understanding that they can’t achieve true fulfillment alone and on other people’s terms gave birth to The Sister Diamonds Collective. SDC is a community that celebrates women pursuing purpose, greater fulfillment, and a meaningful legacy. SDC brings women together to shine their light and illuminate a path for others in business and relationships.

The Y.U.M.M.Y. Membership is a yearlong business and relationship transformation program for women that will help you create the life you want in 6 key areas:

1) PURPOSE: Some people stumble upon their purpose seamlessly while others twiddle their thumbs as they try to uncover it. No matter how you find your purpose, putting in the effort to pursue it can make a profound difference in life satisfaction;

2) BUSINESS: Whether that means taking risks or making careful decisions, one thing is for certain – don’t be afraid to make moves! As any successful businessman and businesswoman know, taking risks is key to success in this industry;

3) RELATIONSHIP: Healthy relationships are the foundation of any successful life. From family and friends to work or romantic partners, if we don’t give ourselves the time to go deeper in conversation and practice the types of relationships that matter, we cannot hope for long-term success;

4) CLARITY: Clarity is the key to unlocking your potential; don’t let any distractions deny you its fruits! After all, nobody likes walking in circles – especially when you don’t know where you are going or how to get there!;

5) NETWORKING: Networking can make all the difference in the world when it comes to helping someone realize their dreams. It’s how relationships are forged, enabling individuals to propel their success in ways they never thought possible; and

6) COMMUNITY: The power of community is no joke. Having a network of reliable and strong people in your corner can turn any challenge into an opportunity to get ahead. The support, encouragement, and assistance available through the people around us are irreplaceable. 

A 4-hour virtual master class for women that breaks down what women need to know to leverage knowledge and life experience Into Their  Next. It helps women discover: 

How to Take The Leap & Shine Your Light: The exact 4-step business model that’s turning our clients from total unknowns into multi-6-figure earners while staying true to their mission and making an amazing impact on the world.

How to  Pivot to Purpose…Even if They’re Scared to Leave The Comforts of Their Job: A simple structure that will allow you to overcome imposter syndrome to promote yourself to the next level in your career and/or business while discovering your God-given purpose and pivoting into your next best opportunities for growth.

The Elegant, Simple Solution to Promoting Yourself to the Next Level: How to increase your exposure by at least 30% to 60% practically overnight by making 4 instant tweaks in your career or business.

Activate Boundaries and Attract People Who Really Value and See You: How to know your own needs and limits, so you can make decisions that are right for you, how to communicate with others about what you need and want for yourself—and what you do not need or want for yourself. 

Identify Sabotage in your Relationships: How to see the signs of sabotage in all your relationships so you can nurture versus tear down.

Move-in Authenticity versus Fear: How to create the connections you want without overcompensating, manipulating, and overdoing by removing the mask and being your authentic self.

The Woman Unlimited Live experience promotes specific steps and tools to become truly successful in both your personal and professional life.

  • How to attract more opportunities and money in your career and/or business
  • How to walk away with ideas and proven tools to manifest the life you deserve
  • How to save a ton of time by being part of a fantastic community versus seeking to figure out everything by yourself
  • How to show up as who you are and ask for what you want
  • How to identify what may be missing in plain sight, which enables you to deal with what is truly important
  • How to tear down the walls guarding your heart so you can open yourself to true connections
  • How to break the generational cycle of unhealthy relationships and stop paying for it

If you are interested in entrepreneurship or business, check out their website and Instagram. To view more information about the socially distanced slumber party click here. To view an interview of Dr. Nicole LeBeach on the Tamron Hall Show, click the Facebook Link here.

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