Sherman Phoenix & The Milky Way Tech Hub Are Giving Back to the Youth


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Milwaukee, Wi. Based Organizations Sherman Phoenix and The Milky Way Tech Hub Have Made Aiding the Youth Their Primary Agenda

ENSPIRE Contributor: Tyler Burns

The news pertaining to Covid-19 has been generally negative, rightfully so, but we should have a duty to shine a light on the great work organizations and individuals have done throughout this pandemic. The focus shouldn’t be on the politics of the situation but instead, it should be on the good people are doing for others and how they are supporting each other during these unprecedented times. Two groups, Sherman Phoenix and The Milky Way Tech Hub, have stepped up to partner with American Family Insurance to give back to the youth in a couple of key ways.

Essentially, these two groups have partnered together with American Family Insurance to provide these youths with as much education as possible through these lockdown times. They launched a program called STEAM and DREAM, and it has enrolled upwards of two-hundred youths and it provides them a full virtual education program for zero cost. This program includes coding, design thinking skills, and many more modern skills.

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Also, STEAM and Dream has distributed over 150 laptops to disadvantaged youth in Milwaukee, WI. This also came at no cost for the registered youths. This came with such a positive response that the STEAM and Dream program had decided there will be another one this summer.

On top of all of this, The Milky Way Tech Hub is going to begin a virtual challenge involving businesses start-up ideas. The idea is that middle and high school students in Milwaukee create a startup business idea that would help the community through technology. This is very important because it teaches the students real-life skills in business, technology, and helps them develop people networking skills throughout this process.

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Sherman Phoenix, The Milky Way Tech Hub, and American Family Insurance should all be acknowledged for the tremendous work they’re doing to help in-need youths, especially during this pandemic. They are introducing hundreds of youth to invaluable skills to help them later on in life and they went as far as to supply them with laptops as well. We acknowledge and thank the work you have done for youths in Milwaukee, WI.

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