Lexie Gomis Gives Insider Scoop on Content Creation and E-Commerce


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Lexie Gomis Shares Her Journey in Life Style Content Creation and How Her Work With PWC Has Helped Her Discover the Importance of E-Commerce Through Social Media

ENSPIRE Contributor: Alexandra Rivera 

Gomis is a Lifestyle Content Creator and a Management Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PWC) and specializes in Customer Transformation and User Experience. PWC is one of the big four financial service firms. She and her teammates at PWC created a piece on how social commerce is growing and why brands should use this marketing strategy. Gomis graduated from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management in 2021 earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Through her work at PWC Gomis gained knowledge of how big the market is for influencers because of their impact on product sales. 

Now, these brands are reformatting their marketing strategies to allow consumers to purchase products through social media apps, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. She has worked with Tao Chicago, Third Love, North Coast, Vivid Seats, and Merit Beauty. Gomis has always wanted to get into content creation but was not sure if people would care about what she wanted to post. It wasn’t until she graduated college that she realized she was living in Chicago and working a corporate job where she could post day-in-the-life content. She started by filming her work holiday parties and more, accumulating a following of over 12K on Instagram and 11K on TikTok

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ENSPIRE spoke with Lexie Gomis about how her work with PWC has helped her learn how to become an influencer and lifestyle content creator. 

Is the field you work in more male or female-dominated? 

It is definitely more male and surprisingly right now client team is all women, which is an anomaly. My team now has helped me solidify what type of professional I want to be moving forward. 

What was the project you just finished with PWC? 

The marketing group at PWC wanted to create a piece that would really get our clients excited about social commerce and what we can offer them around it. The article outlines what social commerce is which is buying and selling via a social app verse having to click on a link that sends you to the product’s website. With social commerce, you can make purchases directly in apps like TikTok and Instagram. We highlighted what the impacts would be to organizations if they begin social commerce, and what ways this will give brands more traction and make them more money.

Will social commerce become a major way we purchase goods in the future?

I 100% think so. We are already going in that direction, even I make purchases through Instagram because it is so easy. I would definitely say brands are heading in that direction focusing more on the social marketing aspect. I expect social Commerce sales to grow to 2.9 Billion by 2026 (via Statista) because of the rate it is currently at and 25% of social media users make purchases through social apps already.

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Will becoming a social media influencer become a major job title in the future and will it be a sustainable long-term job? 

I think that now more than ever people are trying to get into content creation but do not realize how much strategy goes into it. I know it on the surface it could seem like you are just pulling out your camera anytime you are out or trying on new clothes, which is content creation to an extent. Post planning, looking up different trends, and making sure your feed is formatted so when people see your page they want to follow you.

Making sure your TikTok videos have aesthetic-looking clips, in the beginning, to increase retention on your videos so people do not just scroll past them. Those are just some aspects that you have to consider when going into content creation. Yes, there are a lot more people going into it but I don’t think it is something everyone is meant to sustain because of how many aspects go into it. 

What are some of the different aspects of Content Creation that people may not consider when starting out? 

Baseline is having content that keeps up with the trends and I take an hour out of each day to go through TikTok and Instagram that isn’t just scrolling through my feed but actually writing down what the trends sounds are and hashtags, the brands people like most. From there you have to plan out how many videos you want to post a week or per day, and feed planning. I want to make sure every other video has my face in it because users who have their face on their pages have higher retention for followers and having backlighting is really important for day-in-the-life content. 

Photo of Lexie Gomis

Do you think working in a City makes it easier to make content people want to see? 

I definitely think it is easier just because there are more opportunities to film. Half the time I am going to events and places so I have the chance to film content. There are always people looking for people to promote their stuff however Chicago isn’t as big as New York so our market is not super over-saturated. In New York, the competition for brand deals and partnerships is very competitive. Chicago is still untapped so being an influencer has its advantages here because there aren’t as many people here in content creation. 

What do you want your image to be when posting online? And who is your target audience?

I would say when I market myself and outreach to brands I talk about how I am primarily a lifestyle content creator and my content highlights the city lifestyle, specifically exclusive events, new restaurants, achievable fashion, clean skincare, and even dates. I’d say my target audience is girls and guys ranging from 18 to 26 if I’d have to narrow it down. There is actually 30% of my follower base is male and I think that is because of my PWC content. Not many people at the big four give insight into what they do daily because all our clientele is confidential. 

Gomis’ goal is to branch into YouTube. On the platform, she could give viewers a deeper look at everything she does in her daily life, her morning routine, and even show her nightlife with friends. 

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