Francis Perdue Draws on Life’s Challenges to Write This Powerful Journal


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) “Life Is in Session” – Francis Perdue

ENSPIRE Contributor: Lucas Raskin

Full-time publicist and CEO, Francis Perdue, used the COVID pandemic as an opportunity to share the lessons that she has learned from obstacles in her life. Her journal, “Life Is In Session,” covers how she overcame extreme difficulties in her professional and personal lives, combining her experience as a publicist, philanthropist, producer, educator, and more. She hopes that the book assists others in their trials and tribulations, and has started a Facebook group to connect with readers of the book.

The biggest obstacles and challenges in Perdue’s life that made her realize that “Life Is In Session” happened in her childhood and early adulthood. During her senior year of high school, her father was incarcerated, and her mother got stabbed. She tells ENSPIRE, “At that moment things became two-fold. I found out that I was stronger than I ever imagined. Plus, I came up with solutions to assist my family, move forward and graduate as well as that I am an Empath that saw the future moments before it happened.”

Purdue has also overcome adversity in the forms of sexism, racism, and nepotism throughout her professional career. She has experience as a producer, educator, and philanthropist. Today she is a publicist and CEO of Perdue Inc. conglomerate, which specializes in business consultancy, branding, and acquisition.

The title of the journal, “Life is in Session,” was inspired by the expression that Purdue’s godsister, Felicia, employs in dealing with life’s challenges. “I started thinking about how I can help others, and I realized if I tell people a little bit about what I have overcome, that would be a point of relatability so they can have the courage to move forward in their lives.” The journal has been especially meaningful for Purdue because she considers herself to be an introvert and is used to being behind the scenes as a publicist rather than promoting herself.

We all have something to learn, and “Life Is In Session” makes the perfect gift or light read for anyone. Perdue’s journal will give a glimpse into who you are and spark the idea of making the life that you desire without being trapped in the idea of someone else’s success. Order the book on Amazon or reach out and join the discussion on the book’s Facebook group. To learn more about Perdue and her company, click here to visit their website.