Reveal Beauty Works to Protect Women


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Reveal Beauty Raises Awareness for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

ENSPIRE Contributor: Taylor Groft

Reveal Beauty enlists the support of top artists and fashion designers Cynthia Gale, Eric Daman, Patricia Field, and more to raise awareness and funding for intimate partner survivors for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Reveal Beauty is an organization that serves as a conduit in supporting female survivors of Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking, reminding them of their beauty within through self-empowerment experiences and professional development workshops.

During Covid-19, Reveal launched a social media campaign, “Be the Voice,” to call attention to the increasing domestic violence during the pandemic, educating their audience on how they could “Be the Voice for the Voiceless.” October Awareness Month, also observed for Domestic Violence, will continue that narrative.

Founded in 2007 by Anna Doan, whose desire to serve the population while incorporating her love of beauty & fashion by hosting an annual makeover, “The Ultimate Makeover Event” is seen as a way to honor these women through a day full of styling, pampering, and celebration. The mission gained the interest of one of the biggest names in fashion, who joined in support of Reveal to “Be the Voice for the Voiceless.” Emmy Award winner Eric Daman, best known for his work on “Billions,” “Gossip Girl,” and “The Carrie Diaries” as a costume designer, donated his talent with signature items for auction, his voice, and platform to bring awareness to the seriousness of domestic violence. “By supporting Reveal Beauty with my voice, I hope to give a voice and raise awareness of the very silent crime that is Domestic Abuse. I am humbled and honored to participate in Reveal’s silent auction and have faith that this event will help affect positive change in these times of need.”

Through its efforts, Reveal serviced over 1,200 between their Austin, TX, and New York group by helping them to find courage and strength to reclaim their freedom. The silent auction will help to raise funding that will afford Reveal to continue to support its global partners and programming.

Reveal Beauty will kick off their silent auction beginning Oct. 8th and will continue through the month, with virtual events to inform those who wish to know more about how they can “Be the Voice” with Informational Thursday’s, Instagram Live mindful discussion, and a featured panel. “Love is the reason why we exist, helping every survivor of domestic violence and sex trafficking realize she is utterly loved just as she is, without any agenda or strings attached,” Doan said.

Through Reveal’s programs and activities and with the help of over 1,200 volunteers, we have empowered more than 800+ women to create an alternative narrative that allows them to make positive decisions in their lives and break the cycle of domestic violence. The goals of Reveal’s programs are to create frequent touchpoints and experiences that promote self-empowerment. Through monthly workshops, women will have the skills and tools necessary to re-enter society, such as career counseling, interviewing skills, and self-care workshops focused on fashion, beauty, and health. “Along with our monthly workshops, we also host an annual Ultimate Makeover event to honor women and celebrate dignity and beauty through a day full of styling, pampering, and celebration.”

“As we continue to grow, our vision is to continue developing strategic partnerships with established women’s domestic violence shelters, human trafficking organizations, and homeless shelters, nationwide and internationally, in key cities where sex trafficking, domestic violence, and fashion and beauty industries intersect.”

The success of the initiatives and the impact they have had on the women we’ve supported to date has inspired our expansion beyond New York. We now have an amazing and successful team in Austin TX, and our eyes are set on Los Angeles CA, and Detroit MI for 2021-22.