Coleen Otero: Founder Of CEO Chicks


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Coleen Otero Discusses Building Her CEO Chicks Empire And Helping Others Reach Their Goals

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Coleen Otero has dedicated her life to being able to help individuals discover themselves and start a positive new chapter in their lives. While still being a supportive mother, Otero has achieved various goals in her life, like becoming an author, motivational speaker, branding strategist, and entrepreneur. Not only has she met her goals, but she hopes to help others meet their own goals. Then she formed her company, CEO Chicks.

CEO Chicks started as a Facebook online community called “Get It Girls,” where she found like-minded people reaching out to her for advice and help. In 2015 she designed a CEO Chicks shirt for the community, and from there, the brand was born. Just a year later, she hosted the first event to reach out to diverse women in person, and the event was a massive success. It only got bigger from there, and soon Otero was building an empire revolving around empowering people from all types of backgrounds.

Coleen Otero

The way CEO Chicks work is by taking into consideration each case and helping clients become their most successful self. This help could come in the form of website development, product line concepts, social media management, and help branding. Otero also has a professional team to assist in each case, includes people such as Jennifer Enders, Ali Watts, and Kristina Buhl.

Outside of her business, Otero has also reached out directly to her community to help Black-owned businesses during the pandemic. Between July and August, she gifted five women with prize packages with values of up to $5,000. Not only this, but these packages also included a $500 business grant to help those businesses stay afloat during the pandemic.

Overall, Otero lives by the mantra of the brand she created. These include creating, collaborating, and dominating. She has created her brand and business into an empire. She is reaching out to her community and collaborating with women to help them reach their goals. Finally, she is dominating her field. With a multitude of businesses and people helped, Otero is changing the lives at a global level.