Global Angel and Adrienne Bankert: Partnership to Spread Kindness


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Good Morning America’s Host, Adrienne Bankert, Partnered With Amber Dawn Shopay, Global Angel, For Kindness Campaign

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Global Angel has partnered with Adrienne Bankert, an award-winning journalist and an on-air host of Good Morning America to create a collection of tees that will give back to those in need. Global Angel is a value-driven fashion brand based on the principles of appreciation, compassion, courage, humility, and generosity as they are traits that ignite what we need the most. As citizens of the world Global Angel focuses on leaning on one anthoer to repair and rebuild humanity.

The Kindness Collection features two t-shirt styles, and 25 percent of profits will be going to the “Helping Hands” charity. The Kindness Collection also goes hand-in-hand with the goal of Bankert’s new book, “Your Hidden Superpower.” This book goes over how kindness can affect our perspective and impact those around us. Bankert shares how kindness has been a big part of the reason why she is where she is at right now in her career and life. Kindness is what keeps Global Angel’s founder, Amber Dawn Shopay, motivated throughout each day. Shopay first started Global Angel back in 2018 to fulfill her desire to give back.

Amber Dawn Shopay

Seeing children in need during a trip to Mexico sparked an idea in Shopay to begin a business where people could purchase high-quality goods and donate the sales to a charity in need. Every time a customer purchases an article of clothing, they get to choose where their money is going and who they will help with it. Charities they have partnered up with include the American Cancer Society, Sacramento Helping Hands, Best Friends Animal Society, and Saving Grace Pet Adoption, and others.

Shopay has always felt that with all the negativity in the world, it’s helpful to be able to have a way to spread joy and kindness wherever you go. All the articles of clothing Global Angel sells have a positive message and work to promote kindness and positivity as people read them and interact with it.

The Kindness Collection’s huge impact not only helps charity but with others through the message it is spreading. Shopay plans to expand her brand soon with a Mobile Fashion Truck, which will be able to spread this message across more areas. With this clothing brand, and the partnership with the author and news anchor, Adrienne Bankert, the message of spreading kindness will go beyond what others have attempted.