Power of Gifts With Nakita Davis


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Exclusive ENSPIRE Interview With Nakita Davis Who Dominated the Media Network During the Pandemic

ENSPIRE Contributor: Janelle Harris

One of the best seasons of the year is fall. Not too hot, not too cold. The leaves are beginning to fall, and most days, the sun is still shining bright. Parents and their children are getting acclimated to the “new norm” of virtual learning, and now wearing a mask is no longer a taboo but a trendy fashion statement. One of the norms has not changed, like the color of the trees, the spirit of generosity, and giving back. One Queen, who does just that in her unique way, is Min. Nakita Davis, CEO & founder of Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC.

As an ordained minister, wife, and mother, Davis knows all too well the balancing act of sacrifice and giving selflessly. The good news story, she has extended her spirit of giving to her affectionately called Queens by providing multiple thought-provoking, inspirational, and educational conferences, summits, and workshops free of charge to women across the globe throughout the year.

As an international best-selling publisher, author, speaker, media/marketing guru, business coach, and influencer, Davis takes her gift, her calling, and skill set to the next level by collaborating with other influential global leaders. Her Queen tribe of thought-leaders provides epic virtual experiences for women to glow and grow in this unprecedented season.

Davis free live 2020 educational and inspirational events included:

  • Women Win: Author & Business Summit I;
  • Women Win: Author & Business Summit II;
  • Women Win: After DARK!;
  • The Q.U.E.E.N Xperience International Virtual Summit; and
  • Success Leaves CLUES International Video Speaker Series

Additionally, Davis hosted several other low-ticket cost workshops to provide in-depth content and practical skills to help women level up:

  • Write it, speak it, live it, and “Devo & Glow” for aspiring authors;
  • Learn and earn virtual pop-up series teaching Queens how to host their own wildly profitable virtual events/masterclasses;
  • Raise the bar. Teaching Queens how to earn from 5K to 100k doing what they love in their existing business without Facebook ads or a large email list.

Tickets to attend these exclusive and live events could have sold for hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, based on the expert level of knowledge, expertise, wisdom, experience, and success of the global leaders who graced the stages. Collectively, the women who have contributed to the overwhelming success of events under the Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer platform have earned millions in their business and leadership career fields—but yet they propelled to pour into audience members. Registered guests paid nothing (or little) to see these live events and continue to be blessed by the tips, strategies, techniques, and testimonies shared by an awe-inspiring and award-winning lineup of girl bosses and women of faith alike.

There are many ways to give back to a community that desperately needs to see hope and a better way to scale, provide, and flourish in this season. Some people will feed a person for a day, and that is both noteworthy and beautiful. However, some will teach a person how to fish so that they may feed themselves and their family for life. Davis and her growing tribe of Queens—speakers, authors, girl bosses are teaching women worldwide how to fish and SOAR, even during a pandemic. Dually noted that having the spirit of giving, charity, and generosity all take different shapes and forms. Everyone should all be encouraged to give, when able to, in this season and the next. Gifts were never designed to stay but shared with the world.

Learn more about Davis’s organization on jesuscoffeeandrayer.com, Facebook (join Speaker Author Girl Bosses Facebook group), and Instagram.