#BUYBLACKFRIDAY Movement Launches Support of Black Businesses


( ENSPIRE Business ) On Friday, Nov. 27th, Support a Black-Owned Business, #BUYBLACKFRIDAY

ENSPIRE Contributor: Octavia Johnson

#BUYBLACKFRIDAY is a social movement that seeks to be a catalyst towards change by encouraging Black consumers and allies worldwide to spend locally or online with Black-owned businesses.   

Black Friday takes place in Canada and the US, Friday, Nov. 27th. It’s the largest shopping day of the year. A small fraction is spent on Black-owned businesses, and this year will be difficult for Black business owners who were disproportionately hit hardest by the economic impact of COVID-19. The #BUYBLACKFRIDAY is an online social movement that connects Black-owned businesses to engaged consumers, starting this Black Friday.  

“More than a social movement, I want this to be a lifestyle,” said Corey Kareem, #BUYBLACKFRIDAY organizer and digital marketer. “Black Friday is just the starting point. It’s ultimately a habit or mentality I would like for our community to practice. Just like how Sunday is reserved for church, Friday will be reserved for being conscious about where we are spending our money.”   

Join the movement and take action:  

  • Step 1: Register your email at powerofthedollar.ca to have your business listed or to gain access to a list of Black-owned businesses that will be distributed on Black Friday.  
  • Step 2: Spread the word and let five people know about the movement.  
  • Step 3: On Friday, Nov. 27th, post an image or video on Instagram showing the Black-owned business(es) you supported. Make sure to hashtag #BUYBLACKFRIDAY.