Makaila Nichols on Mission to End Bullying


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Makaila Nichols Along With The Blatantly Honest Foundation Partnered on A Space Mission Dubbed “Operation Inclusion” to Lower Bullying Rates

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

“Knowing firsthand what it feels like to be bullied and the dark place it can leave you in, I knew there was another way to reach our youth and help turn their perception and self-value around.” These are words expressed by best-selling author, anti-bullying advocate, and founder of The Blatantly Honest Foundation, Makaila Nichols. 

Nichols and The Blatantly Honest Foundation have partnered up with Celestis Inc. for an anti-bullying mission to the moon called “Operation Inclusion.” Victims of bullying across the world can take part in this mission by making a small donation and sending a picture. This picture will then be stored in a micro-SD card, and it will find its home aboard the Astrobotic’s Peregrine Lander, which will reside on the moon’s surface. The launch will take place on Cape Carnevale, Florida, and it will be available to live stream as well.  

Celebrities like Avengers star Lexi Rabe and singer Kechi Okwuchi have been vocal about their support for the mission and what it would mean for victims of bullying. This operation would give the victims a sense of belonging with the rest of the crew team, and this would essentially build strength and resilience across the youth. 

This operation is not the first time The Blatantly Honest Foundation has taken a stand against bullying; they have been very vocal about it since the beginning. The foundation works to change the stigma of social issues by educating and encouraging students to share their stories. They want the youth to be blatantly honest with their lives. The Blatantly Honest Foundation is not stopping. They have plans to expand into organizations, schools, and youth groups across the world. This would allow them to reach even more victims of bullying and work to lower bullying incidents across the globe.

The moon mission’s deadline is Dec. 20th, and pictures should be submitted before then. For more information visit the Blatantly Honest Foundation website.