The Wright Siblings Open Lancaster’s Plenty Of Fish Seafood


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Wright Siblings Open New Seafood Restaurant, Plenty of Fish Seafood, With Promises Of Unique Atmosphere and Diverse Cuisine

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Siblings Bree Wright and Billy Wright II have recently opened a seafood restaurant in Lancaster, Calif. called Plenty of Fish Seafood. This restaurant is fueled by both siblings’ love of food and their goal of bringing a unique dining experience to their hometown. The sibling duo grew up in the area and attended Palmdale High School, and therefore have a deep connection to the area and want to see it improve. 

This family-owned business started with unsolicited advice from Billy. When he worked with his father in a restaurant chain, he would always be eager to improve the store and offer tips on how to get the work done efficiently. It got to a point where Wright senior urged Billy to stop spending his time improving someone else’s store and open his own. Billy garnered the help of Bree, and together they started brainstorming the idea behind Plenty of Fish.

Billy Wright II

What sets the restaurant’s concepts apart from others is how it is executed by the sibling duo. They wanted the restaurant to be a dining environment that will keep customers coming back. The ambiance of the restaurant would be homey, with a family-owned-restaurant feel to it. Adding to this, due to COVID-19 regulation, the seating is outdoors, and there is also a heavy emphasis on delivery orders.

As for the food, Bree and Billy have a few tricks up their sleeve. They offer a wide variety of menu items such as comfort food, seafood cuisines, and seafood-based side salads. They pride themselves on getting their seafood nationally and supporting domestic workers. The main secret behind their food is their batter recipe. This batter recipe is a family secret passed down through generations, and with influence from Louisiana and Oklahoma in its spices. 

Bree Wright

The Wright siblings are not planning to slow down on their dreams anytime soon. With the first restaurant open, Bree and Billy have their eyes on opening a chain of restaurants across the country. Once their restaurant in Lancaster can thrive on its own, they are planning to start licensing for other branches to open.

Plenty of Fish Seafood is located at 43937 15th Street West Lancaster, CA 93534. You can follow them on Facebook at @Plenty of Fish Seafood, and on Instagram at @PlentyofFishSeafood.