Black-Owned CBD Coffee Is Keeping It LIT For Winter


( ENSPIRE Man Code 101 ) Tava’s CBD-Infused Kaprese Coffee Is Great for Drinking and Building Wealth

ENSPIRE Contributor: Taylor Groft/Anastasia Hanna

Kenny E. Lloyd is the CEO of Tava Lifestyle, a global network marketing company based in Houston, TX, and dedicated to impacting the world around us by offering health and wellness products such as weight loss programs, energy enhancements, and nutritional supplements. Lloyd debuted a new CBD Coffee by the name of Kaprese in early 2020 and it is taking the coffee industry by storm. Kaprese is the perfect relaxation coffee that has been specially designed to cultivate calmness. Unlike most coffees, it does not make one jittery or anxious and instead has the ability to instill focus, energy, and an eased mind, body, and soul. As we approach the winter season, Kaprese has something for everyone. It is not only great for coffee drinkers but also for those who are seeking extra income.

Mr. Lloyd has spent 15 years building multi-million-dollar empires as an executive and distributor for several major global network marketing companies. As a powerhouse in Ardyss International and Total Life Changes, Mr. Lloyd has helped over 14 families to become multi-million-dollar earners in direct sales. Tava Cares is an organization that was founded after Mr. Lloyd lost his mother to breast cancer. His father, Earl Lloyd, was the first African-American to play in the NBA and is in the NBA Hall of Fame. Kenny started Tava Lifestyle three years ago and the mission is to change lives by helping individuals earn an additional income all while living a healthy and active lifestyle. The name Tava is Hebrew and translates into English as “Ark.” Mr. Lloyd is currently 61 years old, and he found his purpose at the age of 50.

Tava’s Leaders are purposed to guiding individuals to the source of their own power by creating a culture that equips, enables, and educates them to reach their personal goals. Associates can earn extra income while at home and work toward building a successful home-based business without the overhead. An associate earns a retail commission when customers order products from their personalized marketing web site. When a new associate first enrolls, they have the option to purchase a quickstart package of their choice. The new associate’s enroller will receive a quick start bonus of up to $250. Qualified associates may earn between 10% to 25% of the pay team’s commissionable volume total each week. When an associate’s personally enrolled team members receive binary pay, he or she could match their pay up to 50% based on their qualified rank. Finally, enrollees can share in 1% of total company commissionable volume.

To learn more about Tava Lifestyle, their products, or to join in on their wonderful opportunity, you can check out the official company website here. You can also follow Tava Lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, Tava Cares can also be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

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