Pastor Jaylon Calhoun Takes Gospel Beyond the Church With Christian EDM Music


( ENSPIRE Music ) Calhoun Changes the Scope of Gospel Music Through New Single “Wake Up Blessed”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Duchan

Pastor Jaylon Calhoun is raising gospel music to new heights with the release of his new single, “Wake Up Blessed.” The artist has distinguished himself with his unique EDM style and an unwavering passion for spreading messages of hope beyond the walls of his church. 

The Richmond, California native recalls feeling connected to music from the young age of seven when he attended the Malcolm X Performing Art Academic in Berkeley. Calhoun performed with the Antioch Church Family choir for seven years starting at age 14, contributing largely to their winning of the 2007 Bay Area Award and their mass recognition from “How Sweet the Sound” for being the Best Small Choir in the city. Afterward, Calhoun began creating and directing a range of youth choirs in the Bay Area and later relocated to Las Vegas, where he founded a Christian radio station called the Anointed Radio Network. His contributions to the radio’s success nominated him for several awards in 2019.

Over the past year, Calhoun’s music career has broken boundaries with the launch of “Renew My Praise” over the summer and “Wake Up Blessed” in October, both of which debuted via AMP Records. The pastor’s use of his unique tone, style, and the thematic message has garnered widespread acclaim for “Renew My Praise,” and his energizing, genre-bending take on Christian EDM has made “Wake Up Blessed” a widespread success.

Throughout his journey of navigating the music industry without mentorship, Pastor Calhoun has found the greatest source of strength in staying true to his faith in God. “The best part of releasing new music is that I can share insight and my story behind the music,” explained the artist. “I pray that my music can reach an international platform and bring people closer to God.” Calhoun’s sound is constantly evolving, and his pursuit of creation energizing, soulful electronic beats continues to be an area of passion and source of purpose for the rising star. 

To listen to Pastor Calhoun’s music and be aware of his latest updates, visit his Instagram @Anointedjaylon, Twitter @Anointedjaylon, and Facebook @pastorjay.