Black Business Woman Opens Upscale Men’s Spa in Atlanta


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Black Owned Business ManCave Atlanta Serves as a Self-Care Refuge for Everyone

ENSPIRE Contributor: Marianna Poletti Reyes

What once started as a push to get her husband to get his foot and nails maintenance is now an upscale men’s spa in Atlanta, Ga. Darnika Platt is the owner of ManCave Atlanta, located in the Lindbergh neighborhood of Atlanta’s Buckhead district. Mancave is an upscale men’s spa that features manicure and pedicure suites, facial and massage suites, a private barber suite, a cigar suite, and a large business and sports suite utilized as an event space. The combination of a mancave and self-care has allowed for the success of the spa.

“The name came from the popularity of the term “man cave.” It’s popular for men to have a place in their homes that’s just for them and is their place of refuge. We’re the same thing, so our name is ManCave Atlanta. Though we offer spa services to women also, everything from our services to our aesthetic is tailored to what men want,” Platt said. “We feel that we successfully nailed it because every single man who has walked through our doors has been impressed with the look of our facility, the vibe, and the services. Our facility is designed to not just pander to men, but make them feel important. When they step into ManCave Atlanta, they feel as though they’ve arrived and everything is laid out for them.”

Self-care has become a more socially acceptable activity for everyone men are taking it more seriously as they work towards being healthier and taking care of themselves. With a place where they feel comfortable and invited, the uneasiness that used to come from walking into a generally female populated nail salon is gone. ManCave Atlanta is a safe space where anyone can suffice their self-care needs without hesitation or feelings of embarrassment. Self-care is for everyone, and it is important to have a place to escape to when you need it.

“The interesting thing about us is that we’re not just promoting services but an overall lifestyle. It’s similar to the way that fitness isn’t just about working out in a gym, but an overall lifestyle that includes being active and eating healthy. We’re simply promoting having a healthy body and a healthy mind,” Platt said. “The people who visit ManCave Atlanta are people who want to relax and be taken care of. We’re a refuge from the stress of the world. We’re a place where the focus is on you instead of others. And we want people to leave us feeling much better than they did when they came through our doors.”

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