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( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Jacques Chevelle Discusses His Role In Side Hustle and How He Hopes To Impact His Fans

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Born in Atlanta, Georgia, actor Jacques Chevelle has made an impact on the acting scene with popular roles. Chevelle has recently starred in the Nickelodeon comedy series Side Hustle. He plays Jaget, Munchy’s older brother, and his character is known for giving Munchy a hard time and letting even the slightest bit of authority get to his head.

Growing up, Chevelle knew he wanted to go into acting at the young age of eleven. Chevelle recalls watching Queen Latifah in Set It Off and how her performance enamored him. This role was a stark difference from her performance in Last Holiday, and it was this duality that captured Chevelle’s attention the most. How could one actress play opposite characters? Adding to this, although his childhood did not offer many creative outlets, Chevelle strived to use his imagination any chance he got.

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It was not easy to become the household name he is now. One of the biggest challenges Chevelle faced was his nerves when it came to auditions. He was focused on whether he would get the job and not focused on being his character. This led to auditions that did not fully showcase his talent. However, he soon learned he had to let go and give the character life through him.

Chevelle hopes to leave his viewers and fans with a positive message. In Side Hustle, Jaget shows viewers how to have fun in life. This is a character who goes for what he wants without worrying over how foolish or absurd he might look. On a similar note, Chevelle has some advice for aspiring actors. He advises to not take auditions too seriously and to instead have fun with the characters.

“Throw everything out and let a moment or choice surprise you!” Chevelle said.  

Side Hustle streams on Nickelodeon, and previous episodes and program information can be found on Nick.com. You can follow Jacques Chevelle on Instagram at @jacqueschevelle.

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