Tanya Terry Empowers Young Black Girls in New Children’s Book “You are Loved”


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Children’s Author Talks Inspirations and Encourages Young Girls to Dream Big

ENPSIRE Contributor: Natalie Wong

With a growing number of successful women of color occupying various positions in government, entertainment, and business, young girls of color have more and more inspiration and representation in real life than ever. Children’s book author Tanya Terry is sending a message to Black girls. The first time author published her children’s book, “You Are Loved” to inspire young Black girls to love themselves fully and unconditionally. The book is now available for purchase on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Terry is originally from Virginia and currently lives in Charlotte, N.C., by way of Boston, Mass., and Pittsburgh, Pa. She identifies as a woman of faith and has a big heart for children, family, and her friends. A graduate of the University of Virginia, she works as a sales professional in the consumer products goods industry. Terry has consistently had the goal to empower young people and children and volunteers with the Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.

“I had a dream that I wrote a children’s book,” Terry says. Despite having a heart and love for working with children, Terry had doubts that she would write something and publish it. Terry believes it is important for young black and brown children to see themselves represented in stories, and so she took her dreams and made them into a reality.

“You Are Loved” features a heart-warming story about a young African American girl who learns from her family and friends how much she is loved and supported. Accompanied by adorable illustrations, the book has an inspiring message to love who you are, dream big, and help others along the way. Given the current stressful times with the ongoing challenges and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Terry wants to help parents and children cope with any disappointment or lack of love they may be feeling. 

Ultimately, the goal of this book is to provide encouragement and empowerment to children, especially young girls. Our hyper-connected and oftentimes judgmental society, leaves most girls encountering bullying and a questioning of their worth and beauty from a young age. Terry explains that this book is a timely and important reminder that positivity and love are something children and adults alike need to hear. Terry channeled her upbringing in writing the book, adding that, “the book is dedicated to my parents because of the love and encouragement they showed me as a child.”

“This is really a book for everyone,” Terry says. The message of the book is universal.  “As parents are reading this book to their children, I hope they find encouragement in it for themselves as well.” Terry also notes how this year, Vice President Kamala Harris will change how young women of color will see themselves in the future. The book further supports the message for young girls to know that they can be anything they aspire to be and that good character matters. 

Terry’s honest, but positive outlook on life, makes her an inspirational children’s author. Her love of adventure and travel gives her a fun-loving, childlike perspective on the world. Terry says her nephew was also a big influence on her storytelling. Terry’s next book is based on her nephew. “I love reading books to him and seeing how engaged he is with the stories and the images and how it’s helping him to learn. I think about how much we pour into him as a family and show him so much love and that they know they have a purpose here in this world.”

A compassionate person in real life and on the page, Terry is buzzing to write more books. And with her ideas and powerful messages– she does not see herself stopping. One book at a time, Terry hopes to see all children reach their full potential and realizes the value of important role models, stories, and characters in shaping children’s lives. As Terry beautifully puts it, “I hope little girls everywhere are able to embrace themselves and know that they are loved.”

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