Moskato Life’s Cheers & Serve Campaign


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Moskato Life Brand Celebrating Women’s History Month

Moskato Life is making a toast! Launching its inaugural Cheers & Serve campaign to celebrate Women’s History Month, the brand is applauding amazing women that have demanded equality among male counterparts, evoked change, and have paved the way for our liberation! Women around the globe are breaking barriers, crushing glass ceilings, and serving as the moving forces that make it happen every day! 

The journey of success often comes with winding roads, a few tumbles, and even dead ends. However, it takes strong women to navigate their way to and through! As many will attest, during the valleys of the journey; be it the corporate sector, private organizations, or entrepreneurship, the tough times enable one to learn and grow! 

“Hard work truly pays off! Often, being that we are head-down working to accomplish the end goal, we forget to pause and celebrate the little milestones along the way. We believe that the small achievements are just as important and toast-worthy,” says Errin Jackson, Field Marketing & Brand Manager at Moskato Life. 

Moskato Life Wines is proud to celebrate and support women pursuing their dreams, shifting paradigms, and possessing the courage to simply get started! The Cheers & Serve campaign is a digital series that will honor women who are making strides on their success journeys in corporate industries, media, and entertainment, non-profit organizations, as well as in entrepreneurship. Included in the series, honorees include Olympic Champion and founder of MommiNation, Sanya Richards-Ross, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations of the United States Mission to the United Nations [USUN], Amber McIntyre, VP of Customer Relationship Marketing at Lowe’s Company, Sharonda L. Britton, among many more. 

All of whom are fearless women who are making a difference, empowering communities, and serving those around them! 

The contributions of these amazing women are appreciated and should be celebrated! A toast to thriving women everywhere who are creating and crushing goals! No matter who you are toasting with, be sure you are toasting life. Moskato Life embodies that the simplest of moments are worthy of celebrating affordably. With the perfect combination of light carbonation and sweetness, Moskato Life is the optimal choice for toasting any occasion. Available in three crisp flavors at 10% ABV: Rose, Peach, and Strawberry. Follow the campaign #CheersAndServe #ToastingLife on Instagram Facebook & Twitter.