DEVORA, The New Western Goth-Rock Femme Fatale


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) DEVORA Gives Us The Reckless Tales Of Love And Loss In A Modern Wild West Way

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

In a five-track EP, DEVORA captures the modern goth-western vignettes of ghost towns, dark rodeos, the haunted desert, abandoned motel rooms, skylines on fire, and the open road. The lyrics of the songs are inspired by her growing up around desert creatures in a western town, experiencing the sinister lawless side of desert life, and the characters she’s met along the way.

A rebel at heart, DEVORA has always taken the road less traveled, and her reputation precedes her. Singing and writing since she was a small child, music comes second nature to her, as she was continuously writing short stories and poetry while growing up in a small desert town. Eventually, she drew on the stories, encounters, strange themes, and adventures occurring in her life by turning them into songs. DEVORA is an eccentric independent spirit with favorite pastimes such as hanging out in graveyards, exploring and traveling to bizarre places (she speaks fluent French and is of 100% Russian descent ), studying medical textbooks and philosophy marches to the beat of her own drum.


Coining the genre, “Outlaw pop,” DEVORA weaves visual soundscapes from a moody surrealist wild-west dream world. Tales of eerie backroad encounters, route 66, neon-laden casinos, Silver City sunsets, and midnight bandits are all intricately enmeshed with strong visceral imagery and cinematic scenes straight out of the ‘dark side’ of the American southwest. Owning the road as her home, DEVORA’s fierce femme fatale spirit trailblazers the way for a new frontier in contemporary culture.

DEVORA is not just music but an immersive multimedia artistic experience of the Wild West, re-imagined in 2020. It’s not her story, but all of our stories, to choose and be immersed in your own adventure, to harness your own inner outlaw.

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