Jessica Lewis, Building Affordable Housing Projects Made Out Of Disaster-Resistant Shipping Containers


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Sustainable Homes That Cannot be Destroyed After a Natural Disaster

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

Jessica Lewis, the CEO/Co-Founder of Mubu Enterprises, and her team are redefining the real estate business by creating disaster-resistant shipping container housing projects. This allows individuals and families living in insecure conditions to have a stable home that will not be demolished in the event of a natural disaster.

“The shipping containers are wind, water, and fireproof, which means they can be in any type of climate and will withstand any type of environmental changes that the climate may potentially experience,” said Lewis.

With over 50 years of experience, Mobu Enterprises has created Award-Winning designs distinctive of each client’s unique vision, with Jessica being a visionary herself. She has foreseen the possibilities that Mobu Enterprises can create with “The Sky Is Not The Limit” as her motto.

“You have insecure rural areas. The shipping containers can be used for commercial premises and retail establishments. “Stadiums have been made out of shipping containers, high-rise apartment complexes have been erected, and someone has even erected a skyscraper using green construction,” Lewis stated.

In the last year, the ambitious workaholic has received approval from the counties of Bibb, Clayton, and Cobb in Georgia to construct Permanent Affordable Housing projects, including land in Africa, making this a worldwide endeavor with far-reaching implications. Shipping Containers are also cost-effective; they are less expensive to build than a regular home, and the turnaround time for residential is 60-90 days and for commercial is nine months. With its high performance, efficacy, and efficiency, Mobu Enterprises has dominated the green building market.

In addition, Jessica Lewis has authored a book titled “How To Start An Apprenticeship Program,” which is written from a construction perspective.

“We have something built-in to our Apprenticeship Program where we’ll actually educate you how to become an entrepreneur, and each person who graduates will be granted an LLC so that they can become sub-contractors with us, which is more than an employee,” Lewis explained.

“Within our Apprenticeship Program, our goal is not to generate another employment, but to build another small business,” she explained.

The Apprenticeship Program is just another way for the entrepreneur to create opportunities for people looking to be introduced into the industry and she prepares them to thrive in their business and ultimately become successful.

Lastly, Jessica Lewis is making it a priority to offer Financial Aid to start-up and small businesses with the understanding that people are just lacking the proper funding for their vision and if they can receive a significant amount of money to help them get up and running, she wants to provide those funds.

To learn more about Jessica Lewis, be sure to visit You can also book a 1-hour consultation to discuss development plans and ideas. Again, the sky is not the limit.