Jasmine Young And Her Financial Literacy University


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Jasmine Young Has Used Her Background and Experiences Growing Up To Build A Name For Herself

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Financial Expert and CPA of Southern Tax Prep, Jasmine Young, has recently created the Financial Literacy University to improve the lives of individual people looking to better their financial status and state of life.

Southern Tax Preparation & Services was created in December 2014 in Huntsville, Alabama. This accounting firm is not only focused on Alabama, but they have also reached clients in different locations so everyone has an equal opportunity to receive their help. The services they provide range from bookkeeping, financial consulting, and financial literacy.

The idea behind Southern Tax Prep came to Young due to experiences in her childhood. Growing up, her parents, a sanitation engineer, and a seamstress worked hard to provide the best life to their children. They knew the way to do this was with financial literacy, and they strived to learn about finances and spending habits. This way of life was seen as privileged by Jasmine’s peers, and it was at this time that she realized many families lack financial literacy

Young wants her firm to not only make a profit, but she also wants to educate clients on aspects of financial literacy to lower the number of people who view it as a privilege

Because of the many people who lack financial literacy, the Financial Literacy University was created specifically for these people in need. This university will be a completely online experience for the individuals enrolled. Jasmine hopes that this university will not only help individuals become financially literate but also maintain a generational wealth by educating those enrolled.

Apart from her Financial Literacy University, Young has given back to the community in other ways. In May 2019 she started the Maggie & Gills Dickinson Scholarship in honor of her late grandparents. The scholarship is offered to high school seniors who plan to major with a business-related degree, and undergrad students majoring in a business-related field.

Jasmine Young has shown how it is possible to overcome limitations and make your dreams become a reality. She is also a big believer in giving back to those in need, and she has used her influence and firm to build a path for younger generations seeking success.