MIFINGER™ A Strong Shield of Security From Contact with Harmful Viruses or Bacteria


( ENSPIRE Business ) A Durable Protective Film That is Armed with an Antimicrobial, Helping Prevent The Spread of Corona Virus

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

Kahama Wainwright is the owner and creator of MiFinger™, a finger shield created with an EPA-registered silver ion antimicrobial agent to protect from spreading germs from surface to surface. The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic has changed how we think and handle just about everything; where we go, who we interact with, and what we touch. In today’s modern and technology-driven world, there is an ever-increasing multitude of devices that operate using an entire touch screen user interface. Examples of such public interactive devices include ATMs, airport check-in screens, self-checkout screens, and other points of sale terminals. These public interfaces have become a hub of pathogen activity. This is like how door handles are a hub of pathogen activity because so many people touch door handles daily. The lack of cleanliness of door handles is something that has been known for a very long time and they have implemented solutions such as automatic doors in high-traffic areas to reduce the spread of pathogens. The accumulation and spread of pathogens across public interactive devices is an issue of the modern developed world, and MiFinger™ acts to combat it.

MiFinger™ is a finger apparatus designed to be worn on one or more fingers and serves as a physical barrier between the finger and the screen of any modern interactive touch screen device. The purpose of having this physical barrier is to limit the transfer of germs and diseases from the touch screen which can cause illnesses.

The apparatus uses a durable protective film that is armed with an antimicrobial, scratch, abrasion, and chemical resistant hard coat providing users with a strong shield of security from contact with harmful viruses or bacteria. The top clear hard coat layer has been treated with an EPA-registered silver ion antimicrobial agent to protect the film from a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, and mildew. The silver ion antimicrobial control mechanism within the hard coat uses an active silver zeolite carrier that interrupts the metabolism of cells and prevents cell reproduction within the film itself. This added layer of protection helps limit the surface transmission of germs that may occur when being handled by the user to either apply or remove the finger apparatus.

MiFinger™ is flexible and can be molded to fit a variety of finger and thumb shapes. When the user is ready to apply MiFinger™, they simply peel off the sticker and adhere it to their finger(s) of choice. The user will then interact with the touch screen as they normally would. Upon completion, MiFinger™ can be disposed of in the nearest trash receptacle. Unlike its competitors, MiFinger™ is not a glove or a stylus and is intended to be discarded and not reused.

About The Creator: Kahama Wainwright set out on a brand-new quest, starting his own business, and in 2013 created and founded MiFinger, the world’s only anti-microbial disposable finger pad. MiFinger™ is more than just a company or product, it is a vision to support, and help protect the world. Kahama’s street knowledge, military knowledge, and career of protecting some of the world’s most influential persons have led him to create a company and product the world needs now. He has made it his mission to create a product to protect the African American community and make sure that we are also knowledgeable about the various ways to keep our community and families safe.

About MiFinger™

For more information on MiFinger™ and where to purchase the protective finger shield, please visit the Website: MiFinger™