Damon Fletcher ‘Everyday People Can Do Extraordinary Things With Great Purpose’


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Fletcher Is The Definition Of A True Artist–Creating By Any Means Necessary

ENSPIRE Contributor: Halima McDoom

Singer/songwriter Damon Fletcher released his debut video, “Hustle with a Purpose,” Featuring the Crushboys during the height of the pandemic last May. The video quickly garnered over 400,000 views on YouTube. “When I made ‘Hustle with a Purpose,’ I wanted to include dances we see at weddings that would make people smile and find hope,” says Damon.

He continued to follow his passion and created innovative contactless videos to help motivate people during uncertain times. In August 2020, Damon released another pandemic DIY-produced video, “2 Miles,” Featuring the Crushboys. The video is about positivity and going after what you want in life. “I wrote ‘2 Miles’ about traveling and how much seeing the world taught me about life. When I started reaching out to people to help me, I got wonderful responses. I was at home and could learn so much,” says Damon.

Fletcher did not let anything get in his way and produced both videos within the confines of Covid. His feeling was that if you are a true artist, nothing will stand in the way of making and creating art. “Once you find your passion, if you work hard and stay focused, your dreams can come true,” explains Damon.

The song “Ready” reflects the changes that have evolved since the pandemic. Damon resumed almost normal circumstances and shot his third video on location with a director, a producer, and dancers. “‘Ready’ is about chasing your dreams and going full speed ahead. I captured that in the song.

“We shot the video for ‘Ready’ in March on the helipad on a roof on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. We were all doing a choreographed dance with Hollywood in the backdrop. It was just like a dream I had during the height of Covid,” says Damon. “Ready” was directed by Isaiah Shinn, produced by Daniel Joseph, and was choreographed by Sam Allen.

“Being able to hire professionals for this video was such a joy for me after feeling extremely stifled from doing everything on my own. It is such a great feeling to be out there again, living life,” says Damon.

Damon Fletcher’s new video for “Ready” Featuring Cupid was released in May of this year. “Everyday people can do extraordinary things with great purpose,” explains Damon. “The video will hopefully show people that music, art, and culture is back, and inevitably it never really went away even during an international crisis.

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