Célébrez en Rosé, An Extravagant Festival on DC’s National Harbor

Célébrez en Rosé

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Socialize, Sip Célébrez en Rosé and Enjoy Music From Award-Winning Artist on DC’s National Harbor, September 4-5, 2021

Contributor: Yasmin Hassan

Célébrez en Rosé, or Celebrate in Pink, is a two-day wine and music festival returning to Washington, DC’s National Harbor over Labor Day weekend. It’s no surprise that they’re coming back after selling out the inaugural DC event in 2019 to a crowd of almost 5,000 people. It was known as La Fête du Rosé when it originally debuted in DC and Nashville, but this festival promises to be bigger and better, with a vision that everyone will want to be a part of.

There are many myths and stereotypes about Rosé, such as being a drink only for the summer. And we’ve often heard that Rosé is a wine designed for women or even one that isn’t food-friendly. Célébrez en Rosé, is ready to disprove all of them. On the contrary, the brand’s quality wine is light enough to drink with snacks but robust enough to drink with meals. Men are less likely to drink it because they think it’s sweet or girlie, but “Celebrate in Pink” aims to pull both men and women in because whether it’s sweet or not, everyone should know the history of the extravagant drink. The wine is for us to enjoy blissfully together as a community.

Photo Courtesy of Célébrez en Rosé

Célébrez en Rosé wouldn’t be the same without music, so they’re inviting Grammy-nominated and award-winning artists to perform. On Saturday, you can dance and sing along with BJ The Chicago Kid, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Estelle and Lupe Fiasco, Philadelphia-based songwriter duo Marian Hill, and nationally acclaimed DJ and producer Z-Trip, dubbed “the godfather of mash-ups.” On Sunday, you can dance and sing along with BJ The Chicago Kid, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Estelle and Lupe Fiasco, Philadelphia-based songwriter duo Marian Hill, and nationally acclaimed DJ. And aside from great music, this social gathering allows you to socialize and meet new people while enjoying top-notch cuisine from five-star restaurants.

ENSPIRE Magazine got a few details on the event to share with our readers from the organizers. Check out our conversation below.

Can you tell us more about the uniqueness of this event, how it’s bigger than 2019’s?

2019 Was an exploratory year in DC. Based on the strong response, we have made the event larger in several ways:

  • Expanding to two days to help guests spread out and remain safe
  • Better utilization of the space. We use the large parking lot as part of the festival footprint vs. parking as we did in 2019. 
  • Larger bars and beverage areas to ensure guests can quickly refresh themselves
  • Substantially upgraded talent line up mixing in nationally acclaimed acts and DMC favorites

Will anything be different based on the location during the tour (Nashville, Houston, DC, and Atlanta)?

Each event is slightly different because each of the host cities is different as well. However, we do our best to ensure each event is uniquely curated to match the local market and audience.

Besides Pink serving as a representation of Rose’s history, what else does it signify for the event?

The pink attire represents rosé, but it also allows our guests to be creative and fun with their wardrobing. We have found that themed attire events encourage creativity, and people enjoy it. 

Who will serve as the emcee for Sunday’s event?

We are still finalizing the emcee for Sunday, but we are very excited about Angela Yee from the breakfast club emceeing Saturday.

How is this event further breaking down the stereotypes of Rose?

We hope this event makes Rosé more approachable and enjoyable on a summer day with friends and family, not just reserved for high-end dinner parties and events. We also want to convey that Rosé can be a beverage anyone can enjoy.

For more details on the event and purchase tickets, check out the Célébrez en Rosé website.

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