Crystal Currie Stresses The Importance Of Minority Mental Health Month


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Crystal Currie is Guiding Steps To Help You Be A Healthier You

ENSPIRE Contributor : Endiya Perry

Born in North Carolina, she studied at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and received her Bachelors in psychology. Also studying at Walden University, where she got her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. Crystal Currie is a licensed clinical mental health professional who has worked with adults, children, and families for over a decade.

Ms. Currie is the founder of Compass Life Skills & Counseling. An organization dedicated to providing therapy and guidance for children, adolescents, and adults with varying mental health & behavioral needs. Currie has worked with many people, from people with mental health issues to treating clients diagnosed with Mood Disorders to teenage male sexual offenders.

Many people’s worst enemies are themselves. So what’s a tip you can give to those battling themselves?

Take inventory of your automatic thoughts. These are the thoughts that come to your mind automatically and without effort. Because automatic thoughts take no effort, you usually don’t challenge these thoughts and often believe that these thoughts are true. The truth is, not every thought is true, and not every thought should be trusted. Challenge your thoughts and your thinking. Take time to analyze what you’re thinking. You are the most influential person in your life because no one talks to you more than you do. For this reason, your thoughts matter—every thought matters. 

If you have bad anxiety/depression etc., what are some tips that can help

I treat anxiety as if it was a friend coming to you for genuine advice about a concern. You wouldn’t ignore your friend, nor would you shame your friend about these concerns. I treat myself in the same manner. First, I actually talk to my anxiety as if it is a person. Next, I acknowledge my anxious feelings by identifying the concern that is triggering my anxiety. Next, I validate my anxious feelings by realizing that there is a genuine reason why I should be concerned about the trigger. Last, I give myself positive details about the event that my mind is struggling to see because of the anxiety. The additional details provide a sense of grounding and peace. 

What’s a step that guides you with self-healing?

I take time to identify my emotions whenever I am triggered by something or someone. The trigger signals that there is an area that still requires healing. Once I identify the emotion and the trigger, I begin the self-healing work.

What was the most challenging experience you’ve had with starting this organization?

I often suffered from Imposter Syndrome. I was so concerned about people who found out that I was a “fake” therapist and did not have the skills to manage a mental health practice effectively. As a result, I had to manage my automatic thoughts and remind myself of my skills, qualifications, and training.

Mental health is important because it allows you to live a healthier life. You cannot heal and grow into your authentic form without acknowledging your trauma, working through it, and using it to be a healthier you. That’s what Crystal Currie aims for. She assists all her clients in prospering into their healthier form of themselves.

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