Zodiac Signs and Astrology, Determining Our Unique Personalities


( ENSPIRE Mind, Body & Soul ) Exploration of Self-awareness Through The Use of Astrology and Zodiac Signs

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

There are 12 zodiac signs; each sets strengths and weaknesses and unique personalities, desires, and perspectives on life and people. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is associated with one of the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, or Earth. These components indicate a form of energy that is present in all of us.

Astrology seeks to assist us in focusing these energies on the positive elements of our lives, gaining a greater understanding of our potential and positive characteristics, and dealing with destructive features. Each sign has gained its own connections, including mythology, animals, and colors, as well as its own qualities over the centuries. Every sign has its own unique outlook on life, complete with vibrant strengths and vexing flaws.

The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology by Juliana McCarthy (click image)

For both amateur and professional astrologers, the sun sign serves as a cosmic launching pad. Your solar sign is established by your birthday and defines your fundamental personality, sense of self, basic inclinations, and ways of moving through life. This astrological sign illuminates both your inherent abilities and your blind areas. A sun sign’s joys, wishes, defects, and anxieties are what distinguish it from others. It generates the distinctive character that serves as your astrological fingerprint when coupled with the other planets in your chart. Each person has a Moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus sign, Mars sign, and so on, in addition to their Sun sign.

Some may not believe in the power of astrology and zodiac signs and would arguably say you and only you control your life. However, astrology offers us all the art of practicing Self-awareness, possibly one of the most significant tools an individual can have, and the backbone of ethics can be sparked through astrology practice. The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology by Juliana McCarthy is a great guide to understanding how Astrology aligns with a deeper fulfilling life.

To learn more about zodiac signs and astrology, visit the astrology website here.

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