Simone Biles Open Conversation With Mom On Mental Health

Photo Credit: Simone Biles

( ENSPIRE Health & Wellness ) Simone Biles Helps Make Conversations on Mental Health A Norm

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

One of Simone Biles’ key sponsors, Athleta, posted a 6-minute video Monday of the gymnast candidly answering questions from her mother, Nellie, about what happened in Tokyo and how people reacted. AthletaWell, the lifestyle brand’s health, and wellness platform, hosted the video.

Simone has been very open about how mental health issues are why she withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics. And many athletes, like Simone, have recently come forward, discussing the mental health strains that come with being star athletes and constantly having to put the sport before their well-being. The world applauds Simone and other athletes for being so open and making it okay to have those conversations that are so often unheard.

Video Credit: AhtletaWell

Over the years, it has been difficult to address mental illness freely, and many people associate mental illness with a negative stigma. However, with these concerns growing more widespread, we must bring mental health to the forefront of debate and have open and honest conversations about how we’re really feeling.

It is time to acknowledge that mental health is equally important as physical health. And we can hope that more influential faces like Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, and others who have come forward continue the conversation in the public spotlight. We must hear stories from those who have a platform to speak and deal with mental health issues. Each of their stories is a step closer to removing the stigma associated with mental illness.

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