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( ENSPIRE She Did That ) CEO and Founder of Mink Beauty Institute Jenoir Lynne Offers Classes to Educate Others on Beauty Industry 

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Jenoir Lynne is an esthetician and instructor, who founded the Minks Beauty Institute in Atlanta, GA. She has always had a passion for lashes, beauty, and has dedicated her time to making that passion a reality. By conducting research on mink lash extensions and working at a salon to build her credentials, Jenoir established the Mink Beauty Institute in 2015. She was soon approached by others who sought her expertise on lash extensions and knew it was time to expand her lash extension studio.

Her business became known as a beauty spa and school that also sells beauty products like eye pads and body wraps. Jenoir Lynne has served and trained many over the years and is still thriving. She created the Minks Beauty Institute to provide hands-on training for instilling valuable knowledge that’s needed for the beauty industry. Jenoir Lynne believes it’s important to share the knowledge you have to move others ahead. 

Courtesy of Jenoir Lynne.

ENSPIRE spoke with Jenoir Lynne about Mink Beauty and how she got involved in the beauty industry.

What first sparked your interest in beauty? 

I’ve always loved the beauty industry since I was a kid. I was the girl who wore high heels in middle school and always had an interest in beauty treatments and make-up. 

Did you always know that you wanted to be an Esthetician or did you imagine yourself going in a different direction? 

I never imagined I would be an esthetician. Sure, I loved the beauty industry but I didn’t really think I’d make a career of it. I actually wanted to be a television personality or news broadcaster.

Finish this sentence: “Minks Beauty Institute differs from other beauty spas/schools because…?” 

We are the one-stop shop for all of the latest, most effective beauty treatments available. We are innovative and we customize every treatment according to the client’s needs.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a Beauty Educator? 

We encounter many different personalities all at once. We never can predict how our student’s personalities will be. It’s wonderful to have upbeat and positive students but we also encounter some who may think negatively which makes it more difficult to teach them. 

Tell us one achievement you’re proud of. 

I’m proud of the fact that I started my business with an $800 investment and turned it into a six-figure business within the first year and a half. Not many entrepreneurs can say that so I’m extremely proud of that.

Courtesy of Jenoir Lynne.

Jenoir Lynne’s journey shows that we should have confidence in our capabilities. While being an educator came easily to Lynne, since she loves to share advice with others, many of us of believing we don’t have what it takes to succeed. We compare ourselves to others and find any excuse to not take the necessary steps needed. Jenoir Lynne shows that if you love what you do, you should go for it.

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