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( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Mompreneur, Christian Sargent, Shows That Moms Can Do It All

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Mompreneur, Christian Sargent, is a former radio host who is now the Co-Founder and CEO of a pancake mix business called Vicky Cakes. It was launched on Mother’s Day in 2019 at the urging of Co-founder and husband Cortney, who believed the vegan pancake mix would be a hit. Sargent has based the ingredients on the recipe her mother, Vicky, created 40 years ago. Raising four children as a single mother was challenging for Vicky, and she had to get creative to feed her children. So, using simple ingredients from her pantry, Vicky poured her love and dedication into each pancake she made.

 As a way of showing appreciation for her loving mother, this mompreneur leaped to start her own business. So many families today are preoccupied with life’s daily tasks and don’t sit around the kitchen table often (if at all). Vicky Cakes’ mission is to change this narrative by bringing more families together to create lost-lasting memories. Sargent also hopes to make Vicky Cakes the #1 pancake mix company. 

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What makes this pancake mix differ from other popular brands is that it’s dairy-free, full of flavor, and anti-just-add-water. This pancakes mix calls for fresh whole milk and buttermilk to provide a fresh taste in every bite. It was also made with plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian pancake lovers in mind, as alternatives can easily be used without sacrificing the flavor. Vicky Cakes wants to ensure that everyone can enjoy their sweet treat. 

ENSPIRE spoke with Mompreneur Christian Sargent about Vicky Cakes and her transition to becoming the Co-Founder and CEO.

What radio show did you work for, and how long did you work there?

My husband and I worked for American Family Radio based in Tupelo, MS for two years.

Was the transition from radio host to CEO of Vicky Cakes hard, or did it come easily to you?

No, it wasn’t difficult at all because, by nature, I am a communicator and social butterfly, so I easily transitioned my team player mindset to a business leadership focus. In addition, I learned firsthand that people connect most with what they believe in, which has been a key principle since we launched.

What was the most challenging thing for you to start your own pancake business?

The most challenging point in starting our business will shock most, but it was removing the limiting beliefs that no one would support us. I knew the idea and product were great, but I didn’t know if people would see the difference and value it. But after my mother Vicky gave me her blessing to turn her recipe into a business, I took flight!

 Have you always had a love for cooking, or did it eventually grow on you?

I have ALWAYS loved food!! I get it from my momma for sure. I always tell my friends, “one thing for sure, you’ll never starve with me as a friend.” I love serving others, and good food is a gift that I prepare freely with so much pleasure and love!

 What are your most popular pancake mixes?

Our most popular flavored mix is our original. It is the base recipe for all of the other premium flavors. And Blueberry is a close 2nd.

What advice would you share with those looking to start a business similar to yours?

I would tell an aspiring entrepreneur to trust their vision no matter who else doubts you. Be consistent, show up for yourself and get out of line often, this makes you a disruption, and that’s what will set you apart.

Are you involved in any other businesses as a stay-at-home mom?

Aside from Vicky Cakes, I recently launched a business consulting agency called SURE Consulting. I offer branding and marketing mentorship and consulting for start-up entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who need a refresh or new strategy to scale in their industry. I desire to be a resource the way I have been blessed to have others be to me along the way. I help with content strategies, product creation, scaling into retail, demographic targeting strategy, and overall access to higher thinking and operations.

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Sargent’s story shows that you can achieve any goal you set when you put your mind to it. Sometimes you’ll doubt yourself or encounter those who try to say that you’ll never succeed. But if you believe in yourself and have a positive attitude, you’ll go far. This mompreneur has her hands full and shows that it’s possible to make a living doing what you love. Besides this, Sargent shows that moms know what it takes to balance multiple tasks and remain present in their family’s lives. So if you love pancakes, be sure to get your own Vicky Cakes pancake mix for you and your family to enjoy. 

You can learn more about Vicky Cakes on their Website, Instagram, and Facebook

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