GOBI Cashmere Releases Products For Breast Cancer Awareness


( ENSPIRE Feature ) GOBI Cashmere Partners With Susan G Komen For October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

ENSPIRE Contributor: Keegan Kerns

With limited-edition products dedicated to a great cause saving lives, GOBI Cashmere, a popular fashion and lifestyle brand, participated in October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. GOBI Cashmere has teamed up with Susan G. Komen by giving part of their funds on these unique products to help raise both awareness and proceeds for breast cancer research. 

GOBI Cashmere highlights a special breast cancer awareness scarf embroidered with the iconic pink ribbon and the message “Brave & Beautiful” throughout the month, as well as two sweaters (one white, one pink) with the pink ribbon held by the fingers of two hands in support. The Susan G. Komen Foundation will receive 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these items (San Diego chapter). Every donation towards this important cause can make an enormous difference, so it’s great to see GOBI Cashmere actively trying to make a difference. 

GOBI Cashmere Is Selling Special Products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

GOBI Cashmere has a charitable legacy that goes beyond just the actions it is taking now. It’s committed to only using the highest quality standards and social and ecological responsibility when creating its products. This practice dates back to its founding 40 years ago in which GOBI was formed and built by its original Mongolian community, which now includes local herders in Mongolia’s highest steppes and a factory employing 1,500 people (the majority of whom are women). By combining handcrafted traditions with current technologies and techniques, the brand has emphasized nature, sustainability, preservation, and ethical practices on every level of its production and marketing cycles over the past four decades. GOBI’s unmistakable blend of tradition and modernity offers it the distinct benefit of delivering to the rest of the world wonderfully crafted clothing that honors their herding communities while also being environmentally friendly.

GOBI Cashmere’s Brave and Beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness Line

This long-term dedication to social and ecological good is a clear trend of GOBI, and it’s extremely powerful of them to continue that tradition of social good by attempting to help the world in its fight against breast cancer. It is an excellent model for companies to adopt, and if you want to support GOBI and their practices, you can check out their product lines alongside their unique Breast Cancer Awareness Month products on their website.

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