The UMC’s: Staten Island’s Forgotten Sons


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) The UMC’s Release Trailer For Upcoming Documentary The UMC’s: Staten Island’s Forgotten Sons

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

Dream Different Media presents the trailer for the upcoming documentary “The UMC’s: Staten Island’s Forgotten Sons. Boo and Sarah Hartman Evans created and produced the documentary and further production from The UMC’s (Kool Kim and Haas G).
When it comes to Rap, Hip Hop, and of course the culture, The UMC’s put Staten Island on the map. Thirty years after two No. 1 hits on Billboard charts, the group is still mentioned in countless discussions regarding influence, and not only by fans. During a recent interview, Kanye West shared a childhood memory of going to the store with his allowance, which was enough to purchase one cassette, his choice ‘Fruits of Nature.’ In another interview appeared star-struck when he mentioned being a huge fan of The UMC’s. Let’s not forget the famous ‘Fruits Of Nature’ album poster hung on set of the TV show Martin.

Photo Courtesy of MJs Hip Hop Connex

The trailer underlines some legendary career highlights…The UMC’s were the first rap group out of Staten Island, the first rap group out of Staten Island to appear and perform on Soul Train, and the first rap group out of Staten Island to chart on Billboard at No 1.

Emerged from Staten Island to worldwide, The group’s influence on Hip Hop is undeniable. Connect with them on Instagram: Fantom of The Beat | Kool Kim | Boo Evans | Sarah Hartman Evans

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