Bottom Line Construction & Development and Youth Construct are Building in Harlem


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Alexis McSween Uses Her Construction Experience to Aid Harlem Communities  

ENSPIRE Contributor: Emma Foster

Bottom Line Construction & Development LLC, a woman-owned construction company, focuses on diversity in the workplace, local community development, and sustainable modeling. Founder and CEO Alexis McSween used her real estate and construction experience to create transferrable models and minimize financial risk, according to their website. As part of aiding local communities, McSween also started the Youth Construct Program, a construction administration program for high school students.

McSween began with the mission to incorporate the people of the community when she began Bottom Line Construction. By investing in local talent, Bottom Line Construction intends to provide sustainable projects for that community’s needs and work inclusively. According to their website, Bottom Line Construction’s goal is to do more than be a business; building up the community with their partners and team members is the most important aspect of the job.

With over 325 projects since 2010, Bottom Line Construction has worked with multiple partners and businesses to partake in school renovations, parks, and other projects in the Harlem area. They also work in trade management and micro-development, looking to construct affordable housing and network with others. Bottom Line Construction also responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering its services to those in need.

Bottom Line Construction also created its Youth Construct program, a non-profit program for high school students. This program is dedicated to NYC youth in underserved communities, according to their website. The program gives high school students the option to pursue careers in construction, architecture, engineering, and real estate development. The programs last for nine months of total training, with six months of classroom learning and up to three hours of field training per week. To aid the program’s growth, you can make a donation to Youth Construct to give more students a chance at future jobs and careers. Bottom Line Construction also offers three-month paid internships for students to work with industry leaders in construction.

Bottom Line provides a meaningful and multidimensional program in the community for various groups. The program empowers youth, women, and diverse voices through construction and housing, a rarity among programs dedicated to these groups. Through Alexis McSween’s inspiration, more programs may arise to aid others in the same way.