Rachel Fiori Combines Spiritualism and Psychology in her Practice


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Rachel Fiori Has Developed a Unique Brand of Wellness Coaching That Uses a Combination of Approaches to Tackle All Your Biggest Problems

ENSPIRE Contributor: Natalie Dean

Rachel Fiori, the creator of Masters of Self University, is committed to helping people better themselves, their lives, their relationships, and their spirituality. With a unique blend of psychology, mysticism, and energetics, she has created courses that educate and empower her students. With 23 years of experience, Fiori has her practice down to a science. 

No matter your needs, Masters of Self University has something for you. Fiori’s expertise extends to spiritual psychology, mystical teaching, self-actualization study, and much, much more, the full list of which you can find on her website [hyperlink]. In her teachings, she strives to push boundaries, facilitates positive change, and evolve humanity. 

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Rachel Fiori spoke with ENSPIRE to tell us more about her work:

For those of us who may be unfamiliar with spirituality and mystical teachings, what can you tell us about your practice? What is its intention, and how does it work?

Masters of Self University heals people at the soul level using spiritual teachings, mystical processes, and energetic truths. Part of our practice is teaching others how to open themselves up to a much higher level of consciousness to realize the scientific fact that we and everything in the entire universe is made of energy. When you learn that even your thoughts and each of your emotions that you feel are nothing more than a vibrational frequency, a band of energy that is moving through you, you can learn how to take charge of and change those energies to a higher vibrational frequency. Mysticism is the direct union with the universe or universal energy, that we all are. A reflection of the spiritual nature of all of this is that all energies have their own consciousness. Learning to become One with this universal consciousness means learning how to raise your own level of consciousness.

No one has to sit in a tribal circle around a fire calling each other Gods and Goddesses to benefit from spirituality and mysticism. In layman’s terms, and by using simple, practical strategies, one can benefit from the miracles that result from accessing the mystical aspects of the universe. Simply put, if you really want to heal your depression, anxiety, or high-stress levels, join our coaching program with one of our Mystical Life Coaches. Your depression and anxiety are nothing more than energetic programs running in your body. They get activated by various triggers. These are nothing more than subconscious energy patterns that run on autopilot that create the experience of anxiety or depression. We teach you what the true activator of that particular program is, (that is often buried in your subconscious mind). Then we teach you how to transform that lower energy to a higher one so it doesn’t exist in you anymore. It’s actually a pretty simple process. Once clients start to learn the process and get good at it, they get to experience the truth about miracles. That they do exist. And that you can in fact not only experience them but be the creators of them. 

Old, outdated methods like talk therapy don’t heal. Healing only occurs at an energetic level. And each person has the power to heal themselves. Learning how to heal means learning about energetics. Energetics is spirituality. Energetics is mysticism. And vice versa. So, at Masters of Self University, we empower people by teaching them how to heal themselves. If you still suffer from old trauma, why not learn how to change the energy of that so it no longer exists within you? Talking about the trauma energizes the trauma. Ignoring the trauma locks it into your energy fields, Neither of these heals the trauma. Transformational healing is an energetic process and it’s the most powerful way to heal trauma and things like PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. 

In summary, our mission at Masters of Self University is to: 1)  Heal people at the soul level, 2) raise the level of consciousness in all of humanity, 3) connect people to their true source of inner, divine power, and 4) guide people into the enlightened experience of true mental and emotional freedom. We use things like spirituality and mysticism to achieve this because they are the direct connectors to healing and transforming someone in any or every aspect of their life.  

What has the journey of starting and running your own practice been like?

It’s been absolutely exhilarating! I am fulfilling my soul’s mission in this lifetime. The joy and gratitude that come with that is off the charts. It’s certainly a tremendous amount of work. But it’s work that fulfills my soul. You can’t ask for anything better than that.

What is your biggest hope for everyone who comes to you seeking help? Or: what is the primary goal of your teaching? 

The primary goal is for every single person to fully heal themselves, and to connect to their inner source of Divine Power. I want every person on earth to get to experience what true emotional freedom and true empowerment is. That’s the goal and that’s the outcome when clients are willing and devoted to learning how to get there. 

Credit: Rachel Fiori

Masters of Self University uses a combination of psychology, energetics, mysticism, and spirituality to educate its students. What does this combination look like in practice? 

Our 3-month coaching program integrates all of these things (and more) every step of the way. Clients learn in a course curriculum step-by-step manner along with their LIVE weekly coaching session with their assigned Mystical Life Coach™. They learn the psychology of what their mental, emotional, and behavioral programs are. They learn how to see the programs that are actually running and getting triggered by situations or other people. They learn to connect the dots to the root core of how and why that program got created in the first place. They

 awaken to the inner child wound that is there and the age of the child that is often running that program. 

Simultaneously, they learn what it means to step into their Power. This is an action-oriented process that each client embodies over time to step into what true transformational-healing actually is. This is the energetics of the coaching program. Energetically, they learn how to transform the varying vibrational frequencies, in the form of fear, stress, anxiety, grief, loneliness, anger, or whatever program gets activated, and transmute it so it is no longer a part of who they are. Over time, as they master this process, their old programs completely dissolve and their inner child wounds heal completely and permanently. 

One example of the mysticism that a client steps into is learning what it means to become the “mystical parent”™ to their wounded inner child. They learn to connect to the wounded child that got activated by some trigger or event, teach the child to connect to their Divine Power, and transmute the pain that was created at that moment in time. The client also learns during this critical period, to guide the child with Divine Truth. Not this “my truth” bullshit that people spew out nowadays. Divine Truth. They learn to see the entire situation with Divine Sight and they teach the child to grow out of their perception of the situation and embrace the Divine Power that they actually are. Children, just like adults, have the power to process and transmute their pain. Once these skills are taught, the wounded inner child transmutes all of her unhealed wounds and fully integrates into the current adult. Then, there’s suddenly no more wounded inner child. What’s left is an emotionally and spiritually mature adult. They’ve done this by learning how to energetically connect with the Light of the universe and bring this Light into the unhealed scenario. Which is exactly what mysticism is! 

All of this, of course, reflects spirituality. People learn to fully connect to and integrate their higher soul during this entire coaching process. Their soul is now the one that guides them in their daily lives versus their egoic mind. Their divinity is what shows up as intuition and as the power that heals their pain when it gets triggered. We are all divine souls having human experiences. We’ve been taught to live the opposite of this Truth. We grow up only knowing our human self, and then wonder why suffering occurs. It’s because you are detached from your formless, Divine Self. You cannot awaken to the divine aspects of life when you are energetically detached from your divinity. So, through our coaching programs, your soul gets integrated and fully connected within you so that your Divine Self can now be your guiding light for the rest of your human experience on earth.

I could write a novel on all of this stuff! Believe it or not, the above is a very simplified explanation of all that is infused into the type of coaching and healing that is offered by our Mystical Life Coaches at Masters of Self University. The best way to understand it all is to come to experience it for yourself. 

What has been the biggest struggle in your career, and what has been the biggest success?

The biggest struggle has been witnessing people’s unwillingness to do “the real work”. It seems that almost everyone is addicted to spiritual bypassing and obsessively searching for the hack that will cure them. People are addicted to avoiding pain and to using plant medicine or other modalities that they think will magically cure them of pain and suffering. People are so addicted to “positive vibes only”. Which is the farthest thing from actual reality. All of this reflects weakness and powerlessness. And all of it prevents people from authentic healing and from reaching a higher level of consciousness.  

The biggest success is when someone “who has tried everything” is ready to authentically spiritually awaken and heal themselves from the inside out. This takes willingness and devotion. The willingness to move through the death of who you once were and embrace the rebirth of a completely new version of you. To enter ‌the unknown and flow with the powers of true transformational-healing. Once clients move through this process and finally evolve into a fully healed and truly conscious being, this is success! It’s ‘success’ because they are finally emotionally free. They are finally completely empowered to handle whatever life throws at them with ease and Grace. They’ve stepped into their innate, Divine Power. And when they can achieve this, they will spread this to others. That’s my definition of success! And this level of success is felt at the soul level. 

Photo Credit: Rachel Fiori

With her mastery of the subjects, Rachel Fiori can guide anyone to understanding and appreciating her teachings. Masters of Self University is not just any other wellness coaching service, it is much more than that. Through years of experience and dedication to her craft, Fiori has created something truly special.

To learn more about Masters of Self University, visit their website!

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