Bernard Addo Creates Metaverse with Meta Mad Ape NFTs


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) NFT Trailblazer Drops New Meta Mad Ape Art This Sunday

ENSPIRE Contributor: Bailey Chambers

Bernard Addo approaches an artist’s career in a new way with Meta Mad Ape. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are taking over art and he’s at the forefront of the new technology based on the blockchain network. “It is a unique unit of data employing technology that allows digital content—from videos to songs to images—to become logged and authenticated on cryptocurrency blockchains,” said Addo.

His NFT art, Meta Mad Ape (MMA), features 3D Apes wearing unique fashions. “One of the main reasons I got into NFT is the 3D art aspect of it. I have a background in 3D animation and gaming, so when I realized there weren’t that many 3D artists in the space I stood out with my artwork. The second reason that inspired me to get into this space was the proof of art ownership and the fact that every transaction or ownership can be publicly viewed and verified,” said Addo. “NFTs becoming part of the core fabric of society in the next few years because NFTs technology does not just pertain to artists but can be utilized to verify ownerships replacing the old fashion way of contracts.”

Meta Mad Apes. Art provided by Instagram

Selling or trading NFTs is a new way to make money, but Addo finds that his passion for creating art is more rewarding than the financial gain. “It’s always fun to make money, however, if I am speaking honestly, the most exciting part is the creation process. Seeing an idea turn into a sketch then being able to bring the sketch to life in the 3-D world is very exciting,” he said. “I envision creating a very successful innovative and exciting metaverse for people of all ages to interact and experience a new way of comic novels and gaming.”

Many NFT purchases come with perks. MMA is building a community each time one of Addo’s NFTs sell. “MMA has quite a few incentives for buyers and collectors. A few key utilities are MMA’s own crypto token that will allow access to collectors to participate in the upcoming metaverse video games based on the Metasphere comic novel, be able to trade the token (binance) on the crypto market, and also access to various collaborations with other NFTs projects,” said Addo.

Meta Mad Ape. Art provided by Instagram

Bernard Addo has two NFT games in the works. By utilizing it in regular businesses and social networking, he plans to build the NFT space and utilize the metaverse way of networking. In business and in art, NFTs are soon to be mainstream. To follow an NFT pioneer like Bernard Addo is to pay attention to the future. 

Follow Bernard on Instagram to see the new NFTs dropping on Sunday.

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