Kimeila Campbell: Teen Entrepreneur Sensation


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Fourteen-Year-Old Launches You’re Never Too Young Magazine to Inspire Other Teen Entrepreneurs

ENSPIRE Contributor: Bailey Chambers

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, Kimeila “Kimmy” Campbell, is turning fourteen. Inspired by her mother’s emphasis on work ethic, the teen entrepreneur is launching You’re Never Too Young Magazine’s inaugural issue on her birthday. “In February, we are focusing on Black History Month. Women and men who have changed the world for black individuals” said Kimmy.

You’re Never Too Young Magazine spotlights young and upcoming influencers and entrepreneurs. Through YNTY’s “I made it” column, Kimmy gives advice to aspiring kids. Her influence on fashion is seen throughout the issue. 

An Issue of YNTY Magazine. Image Courtesy of Labelladiva Public Relations.

“The fashion column makes it fun.” She encourages the 18 and under crowd to dress fashionably, but modestly. “You want to live your life as a kid without growing up too fast,” said Kimmy.

Her plan to grow the magazine to its full capacity is in full swing. Long-term goals are to expand to its full capacity. She envisions a network of young influencers and entrepreneurs, coming together to share experiences and build a foundation for success in aspiring kids. 

With so much accomplished already, Kimeila “Kimmy” Campbell is setting herself up for a world of success in journalism alongside her other passions and education. 

You’re Never Too Young Magazine Founder, Kameila “Kimmy” Campbell. Image Courtesy of Labelladiva Public Relations.

“I want to go to Harvard Law School,” said Kimmy, emphasizing that she would love to practice family law. Kimmy’s dedication to inspiring other kids to accomplish their dreams has her on a personal path to success.

“One thing I’d like my readers to know is that this is a magazine that will change the world. If you’re scared or hiding, you can do anything. If you believe you can do it, YNTY is where you can come to find that community of comfort and confidence while supporting your dreams.” For your autographed copy, go to

Kameila “Kimmy” Campbell on the cover of You’re Never Too Young Magazine. Image Courtesy of

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