Gabrielle Union Partners with LinkedIn for Her “Getting Real” Series


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Gabrielle Union Shares Tips on How to Have a Successful Business and Personal Life

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Gabrielle Union is an actress who has gained much experience over the decades. She’s known for roles in “Think Like A Man,” “Being Mary Jane,” “Bring It On,” and so much more. Union has been nominated for many awards, such as the NAACP Image Award and BET Award, and continues to make her mark in the film industry. Besides acting, Gabrielle Union is also an author, activist, and businesswoman. Her goal has always been to promote diversity and inclusion to expand mindsets and create positive environments. Recently, Gabrielle collaborated with LinkedIn for a three-month partnership to create her “Getting Real with Gabrielle Union” series. 

In this series, the actress explores how we define “professional” in an evolving workplace. She also focuses on balancing work and mental health, Black entrepreneurship, gender equity, and other topics that affect workers today. Gabrielle Union told Hollywood Reporter that this project helps her mission to uplift and inspire Black and Brown communities. “I hope the takeaway is that a successful career isn’t built around how your hair is styled, or if you have an accent, or if there are tattoos, or if you need different work hours to put your family first,” Union says. “There is no one way to be ‘professional.’” 

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Many times, people pursue jobs that look good on paper but don’t bring fulfillment to their lives. Through her LinkedIn platform, Gabrielle Union hopes to encourage others to make wise business decisions. “If it does not positively impact my peace, my joy, and my grace, I don’t wanna have anything to do with it. When I look at investments, businesses, I look at who else is involved. Are these people that I would trust with my child or trust with my own life? No. OK. Well, that’s OK. That’s not for me,” she said in an interview with LinkedIn News Editor-In-Chief Dan Roth. 

LinkedIn users will have the opportunity to hear the actress share her entrepreneurial journey, fears, mistakes, and lessons she learned along the way. Besides this, the project allows users to have conversations that matter. It’s all about creating a community of people to succeed and learn. Be sure to tune into “Getting Real with Gabrielle Union” on LinkedIn in early March! 

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