5 Industries That Use Industrial Platform Scales

5 Industries That Use Industrial Platform Scales

( ENSPIRE Business ) Industrial Scales and Their Use in 5 Unique Industries

If you think of agriculture or brewing when you think of industrial scales, you might be surprised to learn that many other industries, including nursing homes, require industrial scales. Here are 5 industries that use industrial platform scales in their day-to-day work. Some you probably can guess, but others may surprise you. 


Customers want to get what they pay for, and retailers want to ensure they’re not giving away extra products. So retailers use platform scales to ensure the accuracy of heavy loads. They can also use these scales to calculate prices based on an item’s weight.


In the food industry, weighing bulk raw materials such as deli meat or candy and packaging the end product for delivery is essential. Industrial platform scales are used in almost every step of this process. Business would be challenging without their use. 


Receiving and shipping oversize pallets is easier with the assistance of these scales. They can consistently handle large capacities upwards of 700 pounds and are required tools to conduct business in this industry.


This particular industry that uses industrial platform scales one may surprise you, but breweries also need to weigh their products, from ingredients to kegs to products for shipping. Platform scales and floor scales are super valuable for the brewery business. 

Nursing Homes

Just as you and I use a scale to check on our dieting efforts, many nursing homes, as well as doctors and hospitals, do as well—except their scales need to accommodate patients in wheelchairs. A weight fluctuation could be a warning of declining health or a sign they need to alter a person’s diet.

Choosing the best industrial scale for your business is crucial. If the items you need to weigh are too heavy to lift, consider buying a floor scale. If you’re still on the fence about what type of scale is best for your business, consider your available space, weight limits, and budget.