Coach Randy Living in his Truth and Aligning his Destiny


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Liam Marks

Coach Randy is Truth Coach who had begun his journey of guiding individuals to take on their self-inflicted mental illness’. As per his mission, Coach Randy has guided many people towards discovering their true authentic selves, by detaching themselves from the problems that plague their minds. For Coach Randy, coaching is not just a career, it is his own purpose. Randy had also fallen onto those similar issues that everyone experiences, living in the past and not moving forward. Sinking into that pit leads to depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. 

Through his personal journey, he figured it out; he faced the major emotional barriers to break through and climb out of that pit. Through his system known as SIMS (Story, Implementation, Manifestation, Show & Tell). Coach Randy has used this method to expose the knowledge and experiences to get to the truth and be free. 

ENSPIRE spoke with Coach Randy about his work and role.

Can you tell us your story of how you realized this was what you wanted to do?

The mental state of the many people I came in contact with inspired the birth of Truth Coach Randy. People go through life making the money, displaying this picturesque lifestyle, but are in mental distress in private. This was a problem because this level of mental illness negatively affects relationships, family structures, eating habits, sleep patterns to name a few, and not just to the individual. I have a mission to change the world by helping individuals to find peace within themselves because many fear losing things or people they feel they might not ‌live without. I help them ‌realize through their own eyes that sometimes losing to win is imperative. We live in a world of people that are so consumed with outside forces that they forget about the importance of self. Relationships can be reformed and things can be acquired again but we only get one full chance to live our best life and time does not slow down to give people time to figure it out. This is how the Truth Coach brand was formed. Through my many conversations with people no matter the issue each person‌ avoided living completely in their truth. This decision was not always conscious, but it always has a negative effect on their life. These results were high levels of stress, anxiety, loneliness, or the lack of ability to hold a solid relationship to name a few. So I developed the truth coach to take responsibility to help individuals face their own reality through their stories. A truth coach is that individual that assists you in facing your adversities that may prohibit progress at the pace needed to fulfill your life at the highest level. We take the time to explore your story from your perspective to find the points or instances that need to be addressed and faced. Once we face these harsh realities, I help discover what they need to get some type of resolution so that a new way can be implemented. Change is imperative! Implementing this change into a scenario leads you to manifest the new version of yourself so that the world can see and experience the new and improved you.

Do you have any special stories of people you’ve worked with that brought them up from where they were before they met you?

How long are you going to allow the toxic nature of a situation, no matter the magnitude, to haunt you? It is time to set yourself free and the casualties have to as they may. Stop compromising your happiness, it is time to be free. I can not break confidentiality but I can walk you down the road I take to help people set themselves free and make a major impact on their lives. The S.I.M.S. Approach opens eyes to the reality the client has been longing for. During this process, relationships may be compromised or even lost but the good thing about them is they always have the opportunity to be reconciled. This is important because your life may not have the luxury of these relationships! Control of it is of the essence! Life is built on choices that lead to consequences. Everyone needs to know that they are worth being happy with. How many have come to me and stated, I don’t wanna be alone so I just stay content in this space. My response is, Are you sure you haven’t been alone the whole time anyway due to the depression you have been facing. See, just because you have people around or in your life does not mean that you are included, maybe it just means you’re comfortable. Take control of the narrative and stop settling for comfort and let’s work to find freedom. You deserve it! Once we get to that point and decide on the next step to start facing things the impact always begins.

What has been your biggest motivation to be focused and continue the work you do?

My children are my biggest motivation. With each change made I make the world just a little better for them as they grow and develop into adulthood. With each story, I hear there is always something I can work to avoid as I raise them. This gives them the opportunity to live a fulfilled life, and it is okay to live that life within their own truth. Everyone deserves to live their life within their truth. Now, this opportunity may not come without sacrifice but one must always remember that the truth will set you free.

What general advice do you have for people to transform their lives?

When people live within their truth they have broken the norms that exist and live within their zone. These norms can create a mindset surrounded around how one may think they should live instead of living how one wants to live. Now I am not saying that there are not people who are more than happy with the ‘norm’ lifestyle and have no problem finishing their journey within those parameters. But what about those that are just not totally happy with where their life is at this moment. The most powerful day for that person will be when he or she says I am going to live the life I want and not the life I should live and what others think I should be living. The importance of this day lies in the empowerment that comes as control of life, destiny, and happiness.

What is the greatest takeaway you get from speaking your truth to others?

With each person I ‌help successfully, I give others hope ‌they can reset and re-release. This is important to understand because the SIMS Approach is a method that can apply to any scenario so people may never know their true impact on others from their journey. There is nothing like witnessing an individual shed the baggage and put on a new way that truly makes him or her feel better about the situation and life. It is not always going to be easy because there are some scenarios that many do not believe can be addressed. I don’t think that is true; the process is just more meticulous because of the sensitivity of the subject matter. This makes the process a little harder but with time change can be implemented, manifested, and displayed for others. The power is truly in our hands. We just have to find our way, make hard decisions and do it for our own good.

Through it all Coach Randy has used himself as an example of issues that many people suffer from, lamenting in the past. He has broken through the issues of his life to guide others towards a similar path of enlightenment. Coach Randy’s story has shown that there is always a way to break away from mental anguish, it is just a matter of recognizing, confronting, and putting yourself in that better place you want to be in.

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