Life Coach Ella Destiny Teaches Others About Reproductive Systems and Encourages Dialogue


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Fibroid Fighter Ella Destiny Inspiring Others To Live With Purpose

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Ella Destiny is a published author, motivational speaker, USA Fibroid Ambassador, and certified life coach who is encouraging women to speak up about reproductive health. As a fibroid fighter herself, she is encouraging the discussion to inspire people to live with purpose. Between the ages of 18 and 30, fibroids are more common because it is considered childbearing years.

They are benign tumors that develop within the uterus and can cause unpredictable periods and excruciating pain. Fibroids continue to become more of a risk as you get older and for black women, they are three times more likely to develop them along with more potential complications.

Coach Ella Destiny Shares Her Battle with Uterine Fibroids | USA Fibroid  Centers
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“So what, you can sit with me” is a safe space where women come together to discuss health, wellness, fibroids, and more about reproductive systems. This is where you can get advice or just feel safe to talk. Ella Destiny’s book titled, “There is nothing wrong with saying so what” teaches people to say just that. She talks about her life story to encourage and remind other women to keep living no matter what obstacles get in their way. Besides this, she reminds readers that life still moves forward and leads us to our purpose and that there will be people who continue to remind us of it.

Ella Destiny wants to educate women, especially black women, that they have options when dealing with fibroids. Hysterectomies are not the only treatment and she hopes to help women understand this since Ella had her uterus removed too soon. There’s no telling what women go through behind closed doors and fibroids can cause lasting complications if left untreated. Ella Destiny also has purpose courses women can sign up for that are based on her book to transform their hearts, souls, and spirits. 

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Ella Destiny is a courageous fighter and inspires others to be brave when facing reproductive battles. She encourages women to speak up about their wellness and reminds us we aren’t alone, we will continue living for our next purpose. She is teaching women everywhere about fibroid battles, reproductive health, and life purposes. Without her amazing advice and coaching, we wouldn’t be this educated on fibroids and the reality behind them. Women can now feel safe in discussing their health and understand the effects of fibroids because of Ella Destiny.

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Photo source: Ella Destiny

You can visit Ella Destiny’s website here.

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