Local Marketing Ideas for Promoting Your Artwork

Local Marketing Ideas for Promoting Your Artwork

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Understanding How To Promote Your Art Locally

You’ve spent the time and hard work to create your art. Now it’s time to market it and allow others to appreciate your efforts. Read below to learn more about local marketing ideas for promoting your artwork.

Online Portfolio

Use an online portfolio to display and sell your work. Try to limit how much you put on your online portfolio; too many pieces of art can overwhelm visitors to your site. Carefully choose and curate what best showcases your work. Schedule a time every year to refresh or change your portfolio. Ensure your About Me page is up to date with a photo that shows your face and includes an artist statement that explains your goals, mission, and passions.

Though you might not regularly change your available products, you can still create a blog and update it frequently. This will help boost your site rankings. People in your local area will see your work pop up in their online searches, and the resulting traffic flow will increase your art sales.

Art Exhibitions

Research art exhibitions and local fairs in your community. If there aren’t any near you, consider traveling to a nearby exhibition or starting your own fair in town. It might be quite the undertaking, but your local community will thank you. At these fairs and exhibitions, you’ll make important connections with art lovers, professional artists, and even gallery owners. Bring business cards and hand them out to those who pass by your art. This will encourage other artists to contact you for collaborations and art lovers to make a purchase. Brainstorm unique ways to display your art that will keep viewers wanting more. Consider utilizing a digital art display that will allow you to showcase more than several pieces of art.

Artist Organizations

Besides attending exhibitions and creating a website, consider joining an artist organization to expand your network. The more connections you can make, the better. Some of these organizations offer workshops or general resources to the public. Through these organizations, you can offer your products and your wealth of knowledge and expertise to help rising artists flourish. Their appreciation for your patience will only increase your influence in the art world. Don’t underestimate this local marketing idea for promoting your artwork; experience the value of giving back and supporting other artists.