Food Brand Influencer & Creative Director of Your Inner Fat Girl


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Natalie Taste is Serving up Realness and Bringing her own Signature Flavor to NOLA Cuisine Reviews

ENSPIRE Contributor: Ramona Kriesel

Natalie Taste started Your Inner Fat Girl as an Instagram account “to disguise a food obsession,” but with thousands of followers and the launch of her own clothing line, she stands out from the crowd of social media foodies.

By making connections with NOLA restaurants and establishments, Taste has cemented herself as a local expert in the food scene. She is the tastemaker for “tourists and foodies alike.” Your Inner Fat Girl is no longer just an Instagram account — it’s now a New Orleans food review blog and online shopping destination for apparel that proudly states: “Fat Girls Taste Better.” 

The ENSPIRE team had the chance to chat with Taste about her journey with her brand.

What inspired the name “Your Inner Fat Girl”?

The name Your Inner Fat Girl was inspired by an insecure college student who looked to others for self-validation and did not feel comfortable in her skin. That self-conscious sophomore who blossomed through the handheld scenes of my audience is me. Your Inner Fat Girl is the inner version of myself that I’ve always been hesitant to live out loud.

Is your brand connected to the body positivity movement?

Absolutely! YIFG apparel line, Fat Girls Taste Better, is a direct example of how connected we are. The tagline is a confident response to society’s unrealistic standards placed on women and young girls. It’s cocky, risque, and intriguing…it definitely is a conversation starter. 

What do people need to know about you and your brand?

People need to know that Your Inner Fat Girl, LLC is the first of its kind and will slowly and surely satisfy the world’s appetite one extension at a time. They also need to know that I’m a high fashion girly in the making so look forward to more from Fat Girls Taste Better, our apparel line. 

What makes a really great NOLA restaurant?

A few components make a great NOLA restaurant: chargrilled oysters and French 75’s on the menu, a wide selection of seafood, and FLAVOR used creatively to complement a dish. 

How did you form connections with local restaurants and build up trust in your reputation as a food reviewer?

All my relationships were formed organically. The restaurant might come across my review on social media and if it was positive they’d likely invite me back for special tastings and it grew from there. I’m a trusted source because I always give the real. You can hear my voice through the platform and people appreciate honesty. The restaurants may not like it, but they appreciate it.

Things aren’t slowing down for Taste— she is currently working on a few projects in her hometown, gearing up for the creatives of the culture and food of NOLA. 

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